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ELASTOSIL® eco: The Silicone Sealant which Spares Fossil Resources

WACKER develops and produces silicone sealants for vendors of notable European brands targeting the DIY enthusiast as well as the professional craftsman. These premium products are 100% silicone based and are meantime available sparing fossil resources – with zero compromise on quality, shelf-life or versatility.

The Resource Sparing Alternative

From quartz sand and coal, as well as further organic raw materials and most importantly methanol sees, after many further synthesis steps, the production of a silicone sealant. With the biomass balance approach, the organic ingredients of ELASTOSIL® eco can be 100% compensated. Moreover, the fossil raw materials required are replaced by sustainably certified biomass. Subsequently, ELASTOSIL® eco is the first silicone sealant generation produced exclusive of any petrochemical raw materials.

Attested and Validated

The traceability of renewable resource use could be attested and validated across the entire ELASTOSIL® eco manufacturing process according to the new REDcert² standard by the independent verifier TÜV Nord.

With Customary Good Characteristics

The ELASTOSIL® eco sealant line only differs from traditional sealants due to the origin of the organic raw materials used. They exhibit the same premiere quality with customary processing found with our premium line.

ELASTOSIL® eco Product Types at a Glance

Product Type Crosslinking Certification
ELASTOSIL® eco 4000 100% silicone Acetoxy crosslinking REDcert2
ELASTOSIL® eco 4100 100% silicone
Professional sanitary
Acetoxy crosslinking REDcert2
ELASTOSIL® eco 7000 N 100% silicone
Window & glazing
Alkoxy crosslinking REDcert2
ELASTOSIL® eco 7100 P 100% silicone
Professional sanitary
Alkoxy crosslinking REDcert2
ELASTOSIL® eco 7750 N 100% silicone
Matted surface
Alkoxy crosslinking REDcert2

Bio-Methanol Derived from Sustainably Attested Biomass

Methanol can be derived from coal, natural gas as well as renewable resources. In the manufacture of ELASTOSIL® eco WACKER balances the fossil raw material proportion and offsets these with bio-methanol. The deployed bio-methanol is produced via sustainably attested bio-mass mainly sourced from grass clippings, hay or sugar beet residue.

We Take Sustainability Very Seriously!

Sustainability is one of our 5 corporate objectives at WACKER. Substituting fossil raw materials is an essential element to achieve our ambitious targets:

„By 2030 90% of our products must make a neutral or positive contribution to sustainability. (pursuant to WACKER Sustainable Solutions)”

Auguste Willems, Board Member of Wacker Chemie AG