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In 1996, the local subsidiary, Wacker Chemicals Korea Inc. was established for turnkey operations within the country. WACKER bought out vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE) polymers business from its long-standing partner, Air Products, in 2008, including the production facilities in Ulsan in the south-east of Korea. In 2010, the German chemical company acquired Lucky Silicone brand from Henkel Technologies Korea Ltd. together with the production plant in Jincheon, south-east of Seoul, the capital of Korea.

For stronger market presence and technology development in the region

Wacker Chemicals Korea opened a new silicones R&D center, COEE (Center of Electronics Excellence) in 2012, and completed the integration and expansion by relocating its Suwon Polymers R&D center and Seoul offices to Pangyo in a suburb of Seoul.

In 2018, to respond high quality binders for growing construction Asian market, polymers technical R&D center moved to new premises in Anyang, Seoul near by Pangyo. The silicones R&D center and expanded polymers technical center in South Korea are designed to develop customized high-performance products, collaborate with its customers for new product development and provide prompt technical services tailored to the accelerating needs of industry.

Silicones TC Korea release coatings
Product test tiles
Researcher in Technical Center for Polymers

Wacker Chemicals Korea is dedicated to green and energy-efficient technologies to develop innovative silicone and polymer material

Wacker Chemicals Korea received the Minister Award from the Ministry of Environment in the category of 2010 Healthy Housing for its eco-friendly products to improve indoor air quality and maintain a pollutant-free indoor environment. In the same year, the Citizens’ Coalition for Economic Justice honored it with the Excellence Award for manufacturing industry in the 10th Best Foreign Corporation Award in recognition of Wacker Chemicals Korea’s core values in transparency in management, legal compliance and financial performance.

Nothing is more important than safety. It’s a commitment we all share.

For a chemical company, safety is not negotiable and must be upheld at all cost. In Korea, it is an essential part of every individual’s daily routine in our production sites. The Ulsan production site has been 20 years accident-free since our campaign started in 2000. The site’s outstanding safety work has been recognized multiple times by the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Association (KOSHA) and Ulsan city, based on the strong emphasis on safety culture and proactive employee safety activities.

Our site in Jincheon recorded a perfect zero-incident year in 2020 and improved the safety management under the strong leadership of the site manager. In our effort to keep the on-going accident-free record, employees openly communicate any suggestions for improvement in regard to the current safety systems and measures. Due to our successful safety management, we were able to transfer our know-how to other companies by training.

Message from President Duke Cho, WACKER Korea

The South Korean economy has shown an extraordinary development in the last 50 years: For Koreans it is the “Miracle on the Han River” – Korea has become a widely respected economic role model for younger developing nations.

In several key industries, Korean companies are among the world leaders in terms of market share and innovation power. Electronics, semiconductors, information and communication technology and automotive are just a few examples. The construction industry also is the most important market, following in the wake of these booming industries.

Korea has been a focus region for WACKER since the 1980’s. Today, our office in Seoul (Pangyo) is a multifunctional regional headquarter with a staff of over 100 experts. It features on-site test labs and training facilities and provides products and solutions to customers from virtually all industry sectors.

Our business figures are proof of this. Over the past five years, Wacker Korea achieved double digit growth rates in region for chemical business and polysilicon business also shows steady growth.

We at WACKER are proud to work with customers that are distinguished by their cutting edge technology and their stunning business performance. And with our two production capacities in Jincheon and Ulsan, we are prepared to take the challenge of meeting the high expectations that such demanding partners have for us.

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