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Our "Fascination of Chemistry" podcast shows you how chemistry ensures perfectly functioning products in all areas of life

Tribute to a World Statesman

Tom Rucker, a jewelry artist, spent 14 months sculpting a unique bust of Nelson Mandela in platinum wire, porcelain and black diamonds – and silicone moldmaking compounds from WACKER were also used.

Benefits of a Vacuum

Fiber-reinforced plastics are versatile materials that combine low weight with high stability. To optimize small-scale production in particular, WACKER is partnering with a US company to develop a production technology based on vacuum bags made of silicone.

Preservation Treatment for Christ the Redeemer

The statue of Jesus in Rio de Janeiro is famous the world over – and by now over 80 years old. In order to reliably protect the reinforced concrete statue clad in soapstone against environmental influences for a further few decades, a tried-and-tested water repellent from WACKER comes into play.

Power for Siberian Tundra

In Northern Russia, extreme temperature fluctuations push people and materials to the limit. That’s why the extension of the power grid is relying on highly durable silicone elastomers from WACKER, used in bushings, for example.

Constructive Alternative

Modern assembly adhesives make for extremely high-strength yet flexible bonds. WACKER’s award-winning alpha-silane technology helps manufacturers to formulate innovative adhesives without additional catalysts.