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Silicone Solutions for High-Performance LEDs

The LUMISIL® product range consists of high-performance silicones designed to meet the most exacting demands in the fields of LED production, secondary optics and lighting technology.

LUMISIL® products all offer compelling properties: they support highly efficient, low-cost production and feature optimized flow and crosslinking behavior as well as high light resistance. We supply LUMISIL® in various forms for processing to lenses by dispensing/jetting, transfer molding and injection molding.

The refractive index determines the choice of a material for a lens in a given application. We supply LUMISIL® in both refractive index variants:

  • High refractive index (HRI)
  • Normal refractive index (NRI)

HRI LUMISIL® combines high light efficiency with low gas permeability, which protects the inside of the LED against corrosion. HRI grades are therefore ideal for high-end applications in TVs and displays, as well as in car headlamps. LUMISIL® HRI silicones are based on a technology developed and patented by WACKER.

WACKER offers a number of NRI silicones that are highly efficient to process. NRI LUMISIL® grades are great for high-performance LEDs because they withstand large amounts of heat and radiation. One of many application areas here is general lighting, where costs and processing efficiency are key considerations.