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ESETEC® is the trade name of a unique E. coli based secretion system developed and patented by WACKER for the production of biopharmaceuticals. It is based on a modified E. coli K12 strain, a series of proprietary, highly expressive plasmids and a genetic toolbox that together enable the secretion of correctly folded recombinant proteins into the fermentation broth.

With its high yields, low cost of goods sold (COGS) and simplified production processes, ESETEC® is a best-in-class manufacturing platform for non-glycosylated biopharmaceuticals as well as a cost- and time-efficient alternative to mammalian systems.


  • Superior productivities (yields of up to 14 g/l)
  • Simple purification due to low contents of process-related impurities, including endotoxins and host cell proteins
  • Shorter development times due to straightforward strain development and faster fermentation times
  • A COGS three times lower than that of mammalian cell systems*
  • Proven production record for a broad variety of recombinant proteins, including therapeutic Fabs, scaffolds and single-domain antibodies
  • Approved by the EMA and FDA for clinical supply

*assuming identical titers and process yields

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