Dubai, Oct 03, 2017

WACKER has its debut at this year’s International Architecture and Building Fair ARCHIBAT. During the five day trade show, the Munich based chemical company will be presenting high performance sealants and adhesives for the construction industry, among them the multipurpose hybrid sealant WACKER® HS and the transparent all weather sealant WACKER® GM. The application range of the products presented include perimeter sealing and window glazing as well as exterior weather sealing. ARCHIBAT will be held from October 3 to 7 in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

WACKER is attending ARCHIBAT for the first time this year and expectations are high within the company’s sales team. “WACKER is a leading manufacturer of high performance silicone sealants and adhesives”, says Cyril Cisinski, Managing Director of Wacker Chemicals Middle East, WACKER’s regional subsidiary for the Near and Middle East including Africa. “The sealant market in the region has shown robust growth in the last couple of years. So for us, it was only a matter of time to start attending ARCHIBAT. We are very glad to be here, and the products we are presenting at the booth are worth a visit for any professional and do-it-yourself user interested in high performance sealants.”

WACKER will be presenting several products at ARCHIBAT, ranging from general purpose adhesives and sealants for sanitary applications to crystal clear weather sealants for the sealing and bonding of metal applications.

One of the company’s product highlights at the trade show is the multipurpose hybrid sealant WACKER® HS. High-rise construction often involves a lot of perimeter sealing: internal and external joints that require sealing against water and moisture intake. Also, the sealant must display movement capability as well as durability. WACKER® HS is well suited for such requirements. The product adheres to most construction substrates, such as wood, glass, metals, plastics and mineral-based substrates. It offers a high modulus and excellent flexibility and is able to cope with mechanical stress. The product is also paintable, a benefit conventional silicone-based sealants do not offer. WACKER® HS is nearly odorless, free of solvents and easy to process at temperatures from -5 to +40 °C. The sealant is tack-free and highly elastic after curing.

WACKER will also display the neutral-cure silicone sealant WACKER® GM. The product has been especially designed for low stress connections and expansion joints in the building industry, but can also be used for low stress perimeter joints as well. It offers excellent tooling characteristics and is gunnable both at temperatures between 5 und 40 °C. The sealant crosslinks rapidly and becomes tack-free and crack resistant quickly. WACKER® GM is UV resistant, withstands extreme weather conditions and remains elastic and flexible at temperatures between -50 °C and +150°C.

At ARCHIBAT, WACKER will also showcase the following products:

  • WACKER® GP: general purpose acetoxy silicone sealant for industrial and do-it-yourself applications. Adheres to glass, tiles, ceramics and enamel as well as to impregnated, varnished or painted wood and selected plastics.
  • WACKER® CS: neutral, low modulus silicone sealant with outstanding adhesion, for construction and exterior weather-sealing applications.
  • WACKER® GS: acetoxy silicone sealant for sanitary applications. Mildew-resistant and therefore specifically designed for areas exposed to high humidity.
  • WACKER® PS: water-based acrylic sealant suitable for building repair and for internal and external cracks exposed to little or no movement. Paintable.

Visit WACKER at ARCHIBAT 2017 at booth 133.


ARCHIBAT construction sealants

ARCHIBAT construction sealants

WACKER, the Munich-based chemical company, will present high perfor-mance construction sealants and adhesives at this year’s ARCHIBAT.

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One of the products WACKER will be presenting at this year’s ARCHIBAT is WACKER® GS. The acetoxy silicone sealant is mildew-resistant and therefore specifically designed for sanitary applications.

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