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Creating Solutions for a Better Future.

The silicone sealant that conserves fossil resources.

Versatile, High Quality, Durable and Sustainable!

Four properties – one promise of quality. We have enhanced our silicone portfolio with joint sealing compounds based on renewable raw materials – marketed under the name ELASTOSIL® eco. This lets us supply you with ready-to-use silicone sealants produced using plant-based biomethanol. These products are certified to the REDcert2 standard, which safeguards traceability of renewable raw materials along the entire WACKER production process – right up to the ready-mixed ELASTOSIL® eco product.

Our special topic looks at everything in detail: which target groups we are addressing, what applications are possible and what the first users and developers have said so far. Let’s take another step together into a greener future.

A Look Behind the Scenes.

How do we produce our premium silicone sealant using renewable raw materials? And, at what point does our ELASTOSIL® turn into ELASTOSIL® eco?

Accompany Dr. Wolfgang Schattenmann, Vice President of Hybrids & Sealants, Dr. Michael Dehmer, Head of Production, Nünchritz, and Axel Schmidt, responsible for Hybrids & Sealants, on a tour through the ELASTOSIL® production process in the Nünchritz plant.

Change Direction!

Together with us towards a greener future. No need to forgo our WACKER promise of quality: The ELASTOSIL® eco silicone sealants match our conventionally produced sealants perfectly in terms of versatile applications, durablity and high quality.

ELASTOSlL® eco – What Is It?

Let’s see how it works. Our short, explanatory video demonstrates the decisive difference between our conventionally produced ELASTOSIL® and our new, sustainable eco versions.

Enhance your Product Range!

Whether for interior design, kitchen design or in the sanitary sector: With ELASTOSIL® eco silicone sealants, you promote sustainable construction and DIY. Offer your customers a sustainable alternative for ecological construction work.

This is What Our Users Say

Benno Pamer, Managing Director Torggler GmbH, Merano-Marlengo, Italy

Construction Material

"As managing director of a construction material manfucaturer operating throughout Europe, I am very proud to be one of the first customers of WACKER's new ecological product line. TORGGLER sees its own future in sustainable products, especially in sealants."

Benno Pamer, Managing Director Torggler GmbH, Merano-Marlengo, Italy

Engelbert Haindl

Kitchen Concepts

“Sustainable solutions are increasingly being requested in my day-to-day work. With ELASTOSIL® eco, I can offer my customers an additional option to keep the use of fossil raw materials to an absolute minimum. And I can also pass on the WACKER promise of high-level quality to my customers."

Engelbert Haindl, Owner of Haindl Küchen, specialist for creative kitchen concepts

Markus Ströter

Interior Design

“I tried the new product and I have to say that its features are identical to conventional silicone sealants. It is wonderfully easy to work with, is very malleable, spreadable and it is odorless. Particularly in my branch, the painting sector, customers place a great deal of value on using sustainably produced paints. And this is why I see great potential in the future for this sustainably produced silicone sealant.”

Markus Ströter, master painter & certified paint and lacquer technician

Benno Pamer, Managing Director Torggler GmbH, Merano-Marlengo, Italy
Engelbert Haindl
Markus Ströter

This is What Our Employees Say

Protect resources, save energy, increase durability. With ELASTOSIL® eco, sustainable building is possible across the entire life cycle – from production right up to the finished building.

Cornelia Sczepanski, project manager for silicone sealants

"Sustainability plays a growing role in the end customer’s purchasing decision. That’s why it is so important that the ecological idea is clearly reflected in the layout design."

Cornelia Sczepanski

Felix Weissberger, Global Segment Manager, Silicone Sealants

"From a global perspective, our positioning of renewable-based products in Europe is just a first step. Since sustainability is gaining traction in other regions of the world, our goal is to role out our strategy globally."

Felix Weissberger

Xenia Bader, lab assistant for silicone sealants

"We continuously check the quality of our products in the lab. We look especially closely at the development of new formulations."

Xenia Bader

The growing diversity in application fields is met by increasing customization in our ELASTOSIL® eco portfolio of premium silicone sealants.
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Verena Brunner
As our premium products contain a high ratio of bio-based methanol allowing us to use far less fossil raw materials, we meet the demand of a more environmentally-friendly allrounder!

– Verena Brunner, Product Manager Silicone Sealants

A Conversation with Verena Brunner and Axel Schmidt

Take a look at what our product managers say about the sustainable silicone sealant ELASTOSIL® eco: What characterizes this new product? Who are the target groups? How does this product fit into the ambitious sustainability strategy at WACKER? And, last but not least, why do we often need a courageous door opener to get real change rolling?

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