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The WACKER Magazine: our Corporate Magazine

Exciting coverage of applications in the WACKER world

The WACKER Magazine, our corporate magazine, is published twice yearly in German, English and Chinese. It is targeted primarily at customers and business partners, but also public authorities, institutions of higher learning, associations, scientific institutes, financial analysts and trade journalists.

WACKER uses The WACKER Magazine to inform readers about new products, the latest technological developments, and commercially interesting applications. Its key focus is working with the company’s customers to report on fascinating applications.

You have a range of options for discovering our corporate magazine, as a print edition, or adapted as an online magazine, app, newsletter or podcast.

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WACKER Magazine joins WACKER Square App

Our inspiring corporate magazine is now also available as a digital alternative via WACKER Square. Take advantage of the app’s numerous features. Thanks to text-editing functions, you can easily comment on articles or share them with your colleagues or peers. And should lack of internet coverage be of concern while on the go – don’t worry. All recent issues are available as complete downloads or individual articles.

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