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Putting an End to Waste

Millions of cartridges per year – where do they go?

Millions of cartridges are used worldwide each year. Yet no measures are in place to reuse or recycle empty cartridges. The WACKER Label - Silicone Sealants (SHE) team in Dubai took the first steps to roll out a long-term strategy and action plan for the region.

Millions of Cartridges per Year

20 Cartridge Recycling Bins throughout the UAE

750 Outlets

The Underlying Idea

While WACKER is setting new goals to achieve net zero in 2045, our local team had a brainstorming workshop on how we could contribute to this goal and promote a greener future. During the session we realized that the cartridges are not recycled and identified a potential way we could help improve sustainability.

A Joint Initiative – a Strong Partner on Board

We have been working together with our distribution partner the Bosco Group for over 15 years, and as we have a good business relationship, we proposed the idea, and it was well received. To kick-start the initiative, we provided Bosco with 3 cartridge recycling bins and launched the project on December 7, 2021.


Positive Feedback

Bosco has placed the 3 cartridge recycling bins at different outlets and is educating end users on sustainability approaches. Furthermore, Bosco is directly liaising with our official recycling partner (Planet Green) on collecting used and returned cartridges from stores.

The Future

At present, Bosco supplies WACKER cartridges to over 750 outlets through their 7 stores in the UAE and 2 stores in Oman. By the end of 2022, we plan to have around 20 cartridge recycling bins throughout the UAE. Once successful, we will slowly introduce the initiative to other countries in the region.

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What the Initiators Say

Referring to the Native American proverb, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children,” Sibin Sebastian, managing director of the Bosco Group of Companies, said, “We wish to leave behind a better Earth for tomorrow. All of us have a chance to make a change. We believe this at Bosco. As a team, we do our tiny bit to safeguard a cleaner and sustainable future for our children. With Bosco’s and WACKER’s silicone cartridge recycling initiative underway, we are excited to see how much change we can make.”

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What the Initiators Say

“End users and fabricators in the region have realized that future growth will always depend on sustainability and the protection of the environment. So we are pleased to collaborate with Bosco to take this initiative forward.”

Anoop D’Souza
Regional business manager, Silicone Sealants

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What the Initiators Say

“The Bosco company is contributing immensely to creating awareness of the project among end users.”

Michael Iskander
Sales manager at the Wacker Dubai office

The Initiators

Aashish Waman (store manager, BOSCO) next to the recycling display unit at a Bosco showroom in Ajman city.

Aashish Waman
Logo Expert Sealant Technology

From left – Michael Iskander (sales manager, WACKER), Aiman Saleh Qatawneh (CEO, Bosco), Axel Schmidt (business team leader, WACKER), A. K. Samanta (glass factory manager, Bosco), Anoop D’Souza (regional business manager, WACKER), Sohaib Alomari (GM Glass div., Bosco) and Nayeem Sheikh (procurement manager, Bosco)

Group photo WACKER and BOSCO

Axel Schmidt (left) (business team leader, WACKER) and Aiman Saleh Qatawneh (CEO, Bosco) dropping used cartridges into the recycle bin.

Axel Schmidt and Aiman Saleh Qatawneh
Anoop D’Souza handshake

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