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Profile and Organization

WACKER is a globally active company with state-of-the-art specialty chemical products found in countless everyday items, ranging from cosmetic powders to solar cells. Our portfolio includes over 3,200 products supplied in over 100 countries.

Silicon-based products account for about 70 percent of WACKER sales, and products that are primarily ethylene-related for 30 percent. Our customers come from virtually every major sector, with demand for our products being particularly strong in the construction and automotive industries.

Facts and Figures

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Our Business Divisions

In order to capitalize fully on the market potential of our product portfolio, we work in four operational business divisions. Each business division is responsible for designated products, production plants, markets and customers – all at your service!

Our Company Structure

WACKER has been a stock corporation (AG) under German law since November 2005 with its headquarters in Munich. In compliance with the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG), our company has a two-tier management system, comprising an Executive Board and Supervisory Board.

These two bodies work closely together but are kept strictly separate from one another in terms of their membership and spheres of competence. Their common goal is the sustainable growth of the company and its value.

The Executive Board

The Executive Board bears direct responsibility for managing the company and represents Wacker Chemie AG in all dealings with third parties. Its responsibilities include managing and monitoring the Group’s strategic development by allocating funds, distributing resources and supporting and overseeing the operating units.

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The Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board appoints, oversees and advises the Executive Board and is directly involved in all decisions of crucial importance to WACKER. It comprises 16 members with an equal number of shareholder and employee representatives, including leading managers from industry, finance and law, as well as labor union representatives and skilled workers.

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