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Social Responsibility

As a company, WACKER practices social responsibility. We encourage our employees to actively support each other and work toward the common good.

Our Sustainability Ambassadors

Since 2018, over 90 employees have taken on the role of Sustainability Ambassador. Our third international Sustainability Week took place in 2020. 500 employees registered for the event, held online owing to exceptional circumstances. 30 climate-protection projects spanning 11 countries were presented.

Transparent Dialogue with Our Neighbors

Our social responsibility starts in the areas immediately surrounding our sites. We talk openly about what happens behind our factory gates and give prompt and clear answers to any questions that the public raises. Our WACKER Knowledge Platform (available in German only) provides additional information. We regularly hold Open House events at our production sites.

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We want to encourage young people to show an interest in science and technology. We also support progressive teaching methods. A prime example is our free CHEM2DO® experiment kit, which won Germany’s 2015 SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT Award (promoting collaboration between business and schools). Our relief fund (WACKER HILFSFONDS) enables us to provide unbureaucratic, long-term assistance for victims of natural disasters. The WACKER College in Kosgoda on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka was the first project that the WACKER relief fund sponsored after it was founded. The island nation in the Indian Ocean was affected particularly badly by the repercussions of the December 2004 tsunami.

Find out more Why not check out our CHEM2DO® webpage? (in German only)
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We foster young scientific talent and maintain close ties with universities. Our researchers are regularly invited to give papers or guest lectures. Students get to see what our work involves and they have an opportunity to write their degree theses at our company or to spend a period as an intern there.

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Politics & NGOs

We value dialogue with all democratic parties. Our political involvement mainly focuses on energy policy.

Animal Welfare

In certain cases, WACKER has a legal obligation to test its chemicals for toxins. This applies in particular to REACH regulations. We are aware of our responsibility here and support the internationally acknowledged 3R principle: we actively seek to replace animal experiments (in vivo) with experiments outside the living organism, such as experiments with cell lines (in vitro test methods).

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We would be happy to assist you with any questions you may have concerning sustainability at WACKER.

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