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Silicone sealants reliably find use where a gap requires filling or a joint needs sealing. With their outstanding longevity, limited shrinkage and movement capability, our silicone sealants are ideally suited for walls, floors, door frames and bathroom fixtures subjected to movement. WACKER offers a comprehensive product spectrum of high-performance silicone sealants. WACKER® silicone sealants are available as ready-to-use cartridges. Each product is customized to a specific application, providing cost-efficient yet durable solutions.

WACKER's general purpose silicone sealants are designed for sealing, refurbishing, bonding, gap filling and repair in a variety of building and industrial applications. A special sealant grade is available for applications in which mildew resistance is essential. Silicone sealants have been developed that target substrates such as marble and granite, where general purpose sealants may bleed into the stone.

In glazing, window and door applications, WACKER’s silicone sealants are compatible with a variety of materials, including under conditions in which the seal must withstand movement and extreme weather conditions. The reliable quality of these sealants results in the perfect seal.

Today’s high-rise construction projects often involve internal and external joints that require sealing against water and moisture ingress. Following window installation, for example, a sealant for the perimeter joints will provide the necessary professional finish. The sealant must be durable while also enabling movement.

In kitchens, the joints around countertops are sealed to ensure optimum hygiene. The sealants used for this purpose must meet food-contact standards. Cooker hobs fitted into a countertop require a sealant able to withstand high temperatures. In commercial kitchens with industrial ovens, the sealant must tolerate extreme temperatures.

In construction completion work, mechanical fasteners are being increasingly replaced by adhesives, which must withstand mechanical forces while stably adhering to a variety of substrates. WACKER’s hybrid adhesive is specifically designed to bond dissimilar materials. It is also environmentally and user friendly. In the assembly of aquariums, our silicone sealants continue to be the products of choice. Our aquarium-grade sealants have been especially designed to ensure compliance with and the fulfillment of stringent industry standards.