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Join us in exploring the world of WACKER. Our archive contains fascinating features on specific topics. Focused, informative and surprisingly different.

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WACKER products and solutions are to be found in a huge variety of applications and everyday objects. Ranging from construction chemicals, biosolutions to medical-grade silicones – our focus articles shed light on all manner of fascinating topics that we and our customers deal with constantly. WACKER ACADEMY conveys in-depth knowledge about such topics by working closely with customers and paying close attention to market trends. Let us inspire you!

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Focusing on Construction Chemicals

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What Will Our Lives Be Like Tomorrow?

Meeting infrastructural challenges, developing sustainable solutions – discover how WACKER is coming up with suitable answers all over the world. Urbanization, megacities, greenhouse gas emissions – cities are playing a key part in tackling climate change. WACKER’s construction chemicals help minimize emissions in the long term by reducing construction materials and extending renovation intervals.
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Connecting the best

Gaining and sharing knowledge – WACKER ACADEMY is a digital and face-to-face forum for learners, creators, networkers and discoverers. Our global ACADEMY facilities help you make your innovations a reality. WACKER provides a platform for sharing ideas and offers powerful pitches to make sales successful. ACADEMY experts around the world are familiar with regional market needs, are always close at hand and speak the language of our customers. Read our focus topic and find out about the benefits offered by WACKER’s unique knowledge network.

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Focusing on Biosolutions

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Explaining How Biotechnology Pervades Our Lives

Whether you work in the biopharmaceutical or agrochemical industry or are a food manufacturer – WACKER offers you highly specialized solutions for the biotech innovations of today and tomorrow. To get the bigger picture, just read our in-depth article on this topic. At the end of this feature, you’ll also find various links to related topics.

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Focusing on Medical-Grade Silicones

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Pure Silicones for Your Future

We’re opening up a new dimension in medical applications for you. Whether you’re interested in medical technology, wound dressings, orthopedics or prosthetics – the sheer variety of potential applications is matched by the versatility of silicones from WACKER.
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Focusing on Medical-Grade Silicones

Focusing on WACKER Square App

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Discover our media app

Our app offers access to WACKER’s entire media catalog in one place, from product brochures to videos and podcasts. In addition, it contains the newest edition of the WACKER Magazine (WWW) as well as every edition from the past ten years. It’s clearly structured, easily accessible, always up to date and also available offline.

Focusing on WACKER Square App

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