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#Operator Training: Logistic Fitting Module for UltraTestLab – Data Analysis for Ultrasonic Testing

Webinar | Customers


The UltraTest company of Achim, Germany, is the market leader in ultrasonic testing for mineral-based building materials that undergo setting processes. For the company’s UltraTestLab control and evaluation software, WACKER and UltraTest developed an add-in module that enables more precise, more detailed data analysis.


Basic UltraTestLab application skills

Use of UltraTest ultrasound instruments

Installation of a free 30-day test version of UltraTestLab on your own computer


  • Brief introduction to hydration processes, using Portland cement as an example
  • Brief overview of the mathematical background
  • LFM operation
  • Importing data from other sources
  • Exporting data to MS Excel
  • Use in quality control, formulation development and basic research
  • Analysis of one of your own sample tests upon request
    (2-3 tests per seminar)

Seminar objectives

The goal is to fit a differentiable function to sound speed measurement graphs as accurately as possible in just a few steps. The program module uses mathematical analysis (curve sketching) as a basis for automatically calculating the derivative (sound particle acceleration) of this function, as well as its characteristics. The user can then compare these data to the results of complementary analysis methods in order to correlate individual setting processes to sound particle accelerations occurring at different times.

Target audience


Seminar language


Fee (includes value-added tax)

190.00 EUR

Number of participants

3 - 10


Dr. Ingo Müller

Dr. Ingo Müller studied mineralology at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. After completing his degree, Müller spent twelve years working as a scientist for Hercules in Düsseldorf, where he studied the interactions of cellulose ethers with cement phases. He then pursued this subject for his Ph.D. from the University of Münster. He joined WACKER in 2008, where he was primarily engaged in cement analysis, cement chemistry and method development. His development work since 2017 has encompassed analysis methods for ultrasonic testing on building materials that undergo curing processes.