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Personal Care BELSIL® silicones for facial make-up applications

Webinar | Distributors


In this webinar, we try to explain the most common facial make-up formulation formats and give ideas on which recipes they are based. You will for example learn what is inside a primer, a foundation or a concealer and what are the key performance attributes for such product formats.

We will also explain, which BELSIL® silicone products are suitable to formulate facial make-up products. Products such as silicone resins, (functional) fluids, and waxes are for example commonly used. However, probably the most important silicone product group for facial make-ups are silicone elastomer gels. We will put therefore a special focus on our silicone elastomer gels portfolio. In addition, we will introduce a new elastomer gel product: BELSIL® EG 1200 (Proposed INCI: Dimethicone and Dimethicone Crosspolymer).

With BELSIL® EG 1200 we are going to offer a product, which is already frequently used in the cosmetic industry and well-known at most beauty companies. WACKER is completing with BELSIL® EG 1200 its elastomer gels portfolio and consequently continue the strategy to offer a balanced mix of highly innovative and well-established standard products.

Choosing the right make-up products is quite tricky, especially as you can find in stores and online portals a multitude of different make-up products and formulations. And watching beauty tutorials on platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Douyin or Weibo you might get the impression, that applying make-up can be quite complicated. On average in such tutorials, at least 10 different make-up steps using indeed also 10 or more different make-up products are advised. Facial make-up can be quite a beauty jungle.




  • Market information about facial make-up applications
  • BELSIL® products used for facial make-up formulations
  • Introduction of BELSIL® EG 1200
  • “10 steps” to achieve a perfect facial make-up, explained via formulation recipes.

Seminar objectives

Introducing BELSIL® EG 1200 and giving an insight into the application of facial make-up.

Target audience

WACKER internal and Distributors

Fee (includes value-added tax)

0.00 EUR

Number of participants

5 - 500


Anna Reff

Since completing her chemical training in 2016, Anna Reff has been working at the technical laboratory of WACKER’s Personal Care department, where she is responsible for skin, color and sun care applications. She offers WACKER ACADEMY courses about cosmetic products in our BELSIL® portfolio.

Tobias Franzke

Tobias Franzke has worked at WACKER since completing his chemical training in 2006. After positions at Pulp & Paper and Household Care, he joined Personal Care in 2016. He works in the technical lab there and is responsible for skin and color care applications. He holds WACKER ACADEMY courses on cosmetic products in our BELSIL® line.

Dr. Tassilo Habereder

Dr. Tassilo Habereder studied chemistry and wrote his PhD thesis in inorganic chemistry. Before he joined Wacker Chemie AG he had worked in various positions for Ciba Speciality Chemicals (now BASF). Since 2009, he has been working as technical manager and laboratory head for Personal Care applications at Wacker Chemie AG. Moreover he works as Global Technical Champion for Wacker Skin and Color Care applications.