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Personal Care How to formulate Antipollution Beauty products

Webinar | Distributors


In this webinar we want to give some ideas how to formulate well balanced antipollution beauty products. We will show formulation examples and highlight how BELSIL® silicones in combination with the antioxidant HTEssence® from WACKER can help to improve these product formats.

As air pollution increases globally, our skin is more and more at the mercy of external factors. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this affects almost everyone around the globe. City dwellers are particularly hard hit by pollution. Dust, exhaust gases, heavy metals and increasing UV radiation due to hot, dry summers, with increased ozone pollution act on the epidermis, generating free radicals in the skin and causing premature aging. The results are more wrinkles, pigment disorders and eczema.

That is why it is becoming ever more important to protect skin and hair. It is also why experts consider that anti-pollution care will be one of the most important beauty trends in coming years. Many consumers have already integrated this care into their daily beauty routine. In the future, consumers are likely to consider anti-pollution care just as self-evident as UV protection in summer.


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  • How to formulate Antipollution beauty products
  • Q&A

Seminar objectives

Provide Promotion material and concepts to WACKER employees and distributors for further sales calls or own webinars.

Target audience

WACKER internal and Distributors

Fee (includes value-added tax)

0.00 EUR

Number of participants

3 - 500


Eva-Maria Bienert

Eva-Maria Bienert started her career as a chemistry laboratory assistant in 1982 at the “Vereinigten Aluminium Werken” in Töging. She joined WACKER’s “Research in Silanes” department in 1986. From 2001 to 2011, she held frequent training programs for distributors and customers within the Textiles BT. After joining the “Personal Care” department, she has held several training programs for distributors and customers on the topic of “Silicones in Cosmetics.”

Dr. Tassilo Habereder

Dr. Tassilo Habereder studied chemistry and wrote his PhD thesis in inorganic chemistry. Before he joined Wacker Chemie AG he had worked in various positions for Ciba Speciality Chemicals (now BASF). Since 2009, he has been working as technical manager and laboratory head for Personal Care applications at Wacker Chemie AG. Moreover he works as Global Technical Champion for Wacker Skin and Color Care applications.