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WACKER Relief Fund

Fast, unbureaucratic, long-term assistance for victims of natural disasters

It all began with a cry for help in the aftermath of the devastating tsunami in Asia in late December 2004. The extent of the disaster quickly became apparent.WACKER’s Executive Board made a decision: we want to help here. This marked the beginning of WACKER’s relief fund (WACKER HILFSFONDS).

“It’s much more sustainable to completely finance a really good project and concentrate on that, rather than springing into action for a few months with every new disaster, and looking for something to fund.”

Dr. Tobias Ohler, member of the Executive Board

Helping People Help Themselves

True to the principle of “helping people help themselves,” our charitable foundation has been providing support to victims of natural disasters and helping rebuild devastated regions since 2005. WACKER’s relief fund is active not only in Sri Lanka, but also in China, Haiti, Nepal and Pakistan, focusing on education and aid for affected children and young people.

Long-Term Assistance Is Key

We support selected projects in the respective regions – even when the area is no longer in the public eye. Generally, the WACKER relief fund makes an initial donation as emergency aid. We then match any additional private donations made by our employees.

We have also launched a cent-donation program, with over 4,200 participating employees. The principle behind the program is that our employees consent to having their monthly salary rounded down to the nearest euro and donate the difference to the relief fund. WACKER matches the amount. Over €4,000 accumulate every month in this way – that’s more than €48,000 per year. This sum funds the maintenance and running costs of projects.

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WACKER Relief Fund’s Governing Bodies and Articles of Association

WACKER Relief Fund’s Governing Bodies and Articles of Association

The WACKER relief fund and its Board of Trustees work on a voluntary basis. Every last cent given by our employees and other donors is earmarked for specific purposes and directly benefits those in need and the projects we support.

The foundation’s governing bodies are the Board of Directors, made up of two members, and the Board of Trustees, which currently has six members. They are responsible for evaluating projects so that donations are efficiently channeled into long-term assistance. The posts are currently occupied as follows:

Board of Directors:

  • Mirko Kappelhoff (chairman)
  • Anke Schrepfer

Board of Trustees:

  • Maximilian Peter (chairman)
  • Joachim Zdzieblo
  • Dr. Thorsten Blasius
  • Carola Schock
  • Eduard-Harald Klein
  • Hansgeorg Schuster (Siltronic)

Would you like to help? We welcome any donation.