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Europe – with Germany as a major production center – is our springboard for entering a variety of new markets. Our strong market position in Europe gives us a firm base for expanding our global operations. This international expansion is a further factor in WACKER’s success.

In establishing Wacker Chemie Nederland B.V. – our first non-German subsidiary – in 1972, we laid the foundation for tapping European markets. Now, over 40 years later, we have no hesitation in calling Europe our home market, where we are the leader in silicon chemistry and ethylene-based polymer products – a position we intend to keep in the future.

The key lies in the high quality of our products, the development of innovative applications and our excellent service. These factors set us apart from our competitors and enable us to add value for our customers. With Germany as the backbone of our global production network, we manufacture around 80 percent of our products in Europe, and sell them throughout the world.


In 2007, the first WACKER ACADEMY was set up in Burghausen and it continues to provide an especially broad range of seminars offering.

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Technical Centers

Technical Center

Burghausen (Germany)

Its decades of expertise make WACKER more than just the market leader in solid and liquid silicone rubber grades – the company also plays an active role in advancing innovation. This technical center’s main purpose is to test both innovative products and ones that individual customers have requested. It also provides customized training programs at the customer’s site.

Technical Center

Nünchritz (Germany)

The primary objective of this technical center for sealants is to optimize existing customer formulations and processes in order to make more efficient products and devise cost-effective processes. Another priority is to develop new applications and corresponding prototyping/mold trial processes. The service portfolio is rounded out by project support, consultation and in-depth dialogue with contacts.

Technical Centers

Istanbul (Turkey)

This technical center serves as an application and test laboratory for polymeric binders and silicones needed in the region’s construction, textile, household and cosmetics industries. The region’s construction industry, in particular, is experiencing an upturn, resulting in a growing need for advice. The center is also where theoretical and practical training courses are held.

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