Thomas Renner

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Thomas Renner

Dr. Thomas Renner is the head of the “Consortium für elektrochemische Industrie,” the Munich-based central research unit of Wacker Chemie AG. In this capacity, he is responsible for developing new business fields and realizing them within the WACKER Group. Innovation is what motivates him.

We aim to develop tomorrow’s solutions and would love to do so in partnership with you.

What is WACKER looking for in startups and innovators?

We aim to develop tomorrow’s solutions and would love to do so in partnership with you. We’re always on the lookout for inspiration from outside the company. Inspiration that moves us forward together and pushes the boundaries of what’s technically feasible. We’re looking for partners with a clear strategy. Top people with ideas that are technologically mature.

What target groups does WACKER address?

WACKER maintains a clear focus on collaboration with startups and innovators. While we are geared toward technology, that means more than just technology surrounding chemical processes – it means digitalization too. We don’t want to create any dependencies – no exclusive relationships with WACKER that could potentially get in the way of our joint success.

What values are important to you in that regard?

It all comes down to trust. We want to achieve common goals. We don’t dictate those goals – we develop them together. We will provide the tools to achieve these goals. We can forge common approaches. WACKER wants to be more than just an investor – we want to be a cooperation partner.

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Where can WACKER provide concrete support?

WACKER offers you support for process control, for scaling your products and for tapping into new markets. WACKER can be both a supplier and a customer.

WACKER has been around for over 100 years. If I’m running a young company, why would I turn to a venerable old company like WACKER of all places?

We are an experienced player in many markets. Take the construction industry as an example: our market penetration is formidable, we know our customers, and we know how the market works. We know the pitfalls on the road to placing a new product on the market. And if we share values like honesty, reliability and sustainability, then there’s nothing standing in the way of a solid partnership.

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Would you like to be successful? Would you like to be a technology pioneer? Would you like to resolve the challenges of tomorrow? Would you like to join us as we push the boundaries?

Then let’s take off together and soar into a successful future.

You mentioned sustainability. How is WACKER addressing this omnipresent issue?

For decades, WACKER’s technological roots have been in developing and promoting technologies that meet ecological and business needs. Whether you’re talking about steps taken in the construction industry to reduce CO2 – measures such as thermal insulation or conserving raw materials – in renewable energy production technologies such as wind and solar power, or in forward-looking mobility concepts like hydrogen technology and e-mobility, WACKER has been pushing all of these fields forward and opening up new areas of business.

And what about fields outside of chemistry and its related technologies?

Digitalization offers tremendous opportunities for sustainable work, business and research. That could mean apps that support sales teams, process control tools in production or logistics, or virtual simulations in research – no matter what the field, we have to work together to seize these opportunities. That represents enormous potential for the future – business potential too.