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New flexible binder for protecting mineral-based floors

WACKER will be unveiling a new silane-based binder, SILRES® BS 6921, at the 2019 European Coatings Show

Like its predecessor SILRES® BS 6920, SILRES® BS 6921 is based on alpha-silane technology. The new grade, however, is much softer than the original version. The low-viscosity alpha-silane-terminated polyether cures rapidly upon contact with atmospheric moisture to yield a comparatively soft, flexible coating that affords outstanding protection against soiling and staining.

The main purpose of the new binder is to flexibilize the chemically related SILRES® BS 6920, which is already being used for transparent, extremely hard-wearing concrete floors but which is too brittle for use with flexible substrates. Its hardness creates a risk of cracking should the floor experience mechanical stress or deform in response to large temperature fluctuations.

SILRES® BS 6921 is a crystal-clear formulation and remains transparent after curing. Yellowing induced by exposure to the sun or other light sources is reliably prevented by the addition of light stabilizers.

SILRES® BS 6921 binder for protecting mineral-based floors

SILRES® BS 6921 is a new silane-based binder which, thanks to its adhesive strength and flexibility, is suitable for formulating flexible, stain-resistant anti-soiling coatings for concrete, epoxy and polyurethane floors and for producing stone carpets and pervious systems.

With SILRES® BS 6921, it is now possible to formulate much more flexible coatings that can also withstand thermal expansion and mechanical deformation. Tests show that 20% to 30% SILRES® BS 6921 is enough to adapt the binder to the properties of the intended substrate. Such formulations bond very strongly not only to cementitious floors but also to epoxy and polyurethane substrates. The bond is in fact so strong that the formulations are suitable for manufacturing repair sets for damaged epoxy or polyurethane flooring, pervious systems and stone carpets.

The binder combination is formulated to yield one-part end products which can be applied with a mop, roller or spray gun. The coating is generally applied in two thin layers, at an average rate of some 100 grams per square meter. The first layer strengthens the floor, while the second produces a more homogeneous finish that increases stain, scratch and scrub resistance and makes the floor polishable.

Coatings based on blends of SILRES® BS 6921 and SILRES® BS 6920 are as equally at home in parking garages, auto repair shops, railroad station buildings and logistics centers as they are in display and sales rooms, restaurants, arenas for events and exhibitions, museums and private dwellings. The treated floor is easier to maintain and stain resistant as a result of the treatment. Abraded material, dirt and liquid spills can be removed with ease.