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Construction Materials SILRES® for Construction Applications

Instructor-led training | Customers & Distributors


This seminar will teach participants what they need to know to make ideal use of potential opportunities for silicones in construction chemicals.


Basic knowledge of chemistry


  • Fundamentals of silicone; overview of construction chemistry
  • Introduction to the SILRES®, SILRES® BS and SREP® product classes, their their mode of action and their applications
  • Applications of silicone resins as binders for paints and plasters
  • Applications of silane/siloxane-based primers.
  • Silane and/or siloxane-based impregnating agents as colorless surface protection for mineral-based substrates, e.g. bricks, concrete and natural stone
  • Siliconates, silanes and siloxanes for in-plant impregnation of building materials
  • Information on various applications in the construction industry, including concrete protection, exterior paints and coatings, wood coatings, clay products such as bricks and clinker brick, etc.
  • Relevant standards and application technology testing (in the lab)
  • Hands-on demonstrations in the lab

Seminar objectives

Applications in the construction industry entail all kinds of raw materials. This seminar will teach participants what they need to know to make ideal use of potential opportunities in construction chemicals. Starting with the mode of action for binders and coatings, the seminar will also cover current uses up to and including test methods for various formulations and applications.

Target audience

Technicians, marketing managers, sales managers

Seminar language

German, English

Fee (includes value-added tax)

0.00 EUR

Number of participants

3 - 6


Dr. Hartmut Ackermann

Dr. Hartmut Ackermann studied chemistry in Marburg an der Lahn, earning his PhD in inorganic chemistry. He joined WACKER in 2000 as a process chemist for the methyl resin plant. Alongside his work at WACKER, Dr. Ackermann was active in R&D support in the field of industrial coatings at Akzo. Since 2006, he has been technical marketing manager for Construction Chemicals, supporting customers in EMEA/LATAM. Dr. Ackermann also has several years’ experience as a customer-training instructor.

Dr. Udo Anders

Dr. Udo Anders has been working as a technical marketing manager at WACKER SILICONES since 2015. He oversees technical support within Construction Chemicals. He is responsible for water-repellant treatments for concrete protection with a focus on surface treatment and integral waterproofing as well as for the new binder technology for concrete floor protection (SILRES® BS 6920).

Andreas Peic

Andreas Peic joined SILICONES after completing his chemical training at WACKER in 2008. As a member of the Construction Chemicals business team, his responsibilities have included technical support for gypsum, boards and insulating materials. Since 2010, he has been a trainer for SILRES® construction applications at the WACKER ACADEMY. Alongside his job at WACKER, he is currently training to become a certified chemical technician.

Christian Putz

Christian Putz is technical service manager within the Construction Chemicals business team at WACKER SILICONES. The certified paints and lacquers engineer has been with WACKER since 1998. He has been working as technical service manager for SILRES® silicone resin emulsion paints and plasters for the construction industry since 2007.