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DEHESIVE® release coatings have a diverse property profile that makes them the products of choice in many end applications:
precisely adjustable release forces and release force profiles, simple processing, flexible formulations, short crosslinking times and extremely low migration values.

Bottles, blister packs, ampoules, films and food – we have the perfect release coating for all of them. WACKER’s DEHESIVE® products are ideal for

Whether in the home or in the food industry, WACKER DEHESIVE® products possess first-rate properties that make them ideal for a myriad of food-related applications. For example, they prevent candies from sticking to packaging and baked goods from sticking to trays while ensuring that sugar frostings can be wrapped up without damage.

Product manufacturing and packaging is facilitated by coating on one or both sides. Naturally, such products comply with the latest food regulations and do not compromise food quality.

DEHESIVE® products are:

  • BGVV and FDA compliant
  • Kosher and halal
  • Suitable for online coating in size presses

Industry routinely depends on self-adhesive materials. In construction, for instance, self-adhesive materials play an important role in roofing, pipe and heat insulation, and in vapor barriers. Thanks to their consistently high quality, you can trust WACKER DEHESIVE® products to perform reliably over long periods of time. And because they are easy to use, work gets done more efficiently.

DEHESIVE® release coatings have compelling properties:

  • Excellent release values, even for aggressive adhesives and bitumen
  • Durability in changeable environments
  • No migration
  • Stable release values in high-temperature use

Adhesive labels are one of the best ways to put your mark of quality on packaging and containers. With WACKER DEHESIVE®, all kinds of packaging can branded and labeled attractively, distinctively and semi-permanently in various ways. Not only are their adhesive properties reliably stable but, because processing is reliably simple, they boost efficiency to the maximum.

DEHESIVE® release coatings have compelling properties:

  • Flat controlled-release curves at high peel rates
  • Precisely adjustable, low release values
  • High coating speeds
  • Very good flow properties


Adhesive plasters and webbing with silicone release films or silicone release coatings play a prominent role in treating wounds quickly and safely. Such products adhere strongly but can be removed cleanly and so are highly practical and quick to use. Also growing in popularity are adhesive plasters containing transdermal medicines – thanks again to dependable adhesion to skin and clean removal.

DEHESIVE® release coatings have compelling properties:

  • Reliable release properties for strong adhesives
  • No migration
  • FDA and BgVV compliance


Silicone release liners and silicone-coated PE and PP release films are popular products for numerous hygiene applications. The most familiar of these are baby diapers that have self-adhesive, reusable closures, sanitary towels, panty liners and incontinence pads. The adhesive surfaces can be separated easily without loss of adhesion. This ensures that the products are reliable and practical in use.

DEHESIVE® release coatings are compelling because they offer

  • Good crosslinking and adhesion at low coating temperatures
  • Long-lasting release effect
  • Cost efficiency

Large-scale advertisements used to be painted onto advertising surfaces, but nowadays large-format adhesive labels or films bearing printed images are much more common.

These are digitally printed in all kinds of motifs, logos and lettering on large printers because they can be more conveniently optimized for trucks, airplanes and other surfaces. Thus, most taxis nowadays are not painted in a standard color, such as beige, but instead are wrapped in a made-to-measure self-adhesive film that can, for example, convert a red car into an official taxi.

DEHESIVE® release coatings have compelling properties:

  • Low coefficients of friction
  • Extremely low extractables

Adhesive tapes are found everywhere: in homes, offices, packaging operations, industry and the construction sector. No wonder, for there is so much variety here: from single-coated, easy-to-tear packaging tape to highly adhesive heat-resistant technical tape to electrically insulating tape. Not forgetting double-sided adhesive tape for all kinds of applications in the home and the commercial sector.

DEHESIVE® release coatings have compelling properties:

  • Precisely adjustable release force for double-sided coatings
  • Stable release values at different temperatures
  • Extremely low extractables
  • Consistent release effect, even after prolonged storage