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The WACKER ACADEMY Team of Instructors

Theoretical expertise and practical experience are the cornerstones of the WACKER ACADEMY team. With backgrounds in sales or technology, our experts come to the table with extensive application knowledge. They are also trained instructors and moderators with a sixth sense for current trends and market developments.

Instructors for Electric, Electronic and Lighting Systems

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Wilson Feng

Wilson Feng joined WACKER Shanghai technical center on November 2018. As a technical manager, he is mainly responsible for product development and technical service of Thermal conductive gap filler in WACKER China E-mobility team.

Wharton Jiao

Wharton Jiao joined WACKER in 2017, providing technical support for applications in automotive electronics and optical bonding market, now is responsible for electronics applications of silicone elastomers.

DooJin Kang

Studied organosilicon chemistry as a master thesis. DooJin Kang joined WACKER in 2006 as a technical manager for business unit silicone elastomers. Before joining WACKER, DooJin Kang has gained technical experience in developing chemical products in display and optoelectronics applications. He now is a leader of product development and customer technical service team in automotive, electronics and medical applications in WACKER.

Adolfo Larrazabal

Adolfo joined WACKER in 1999 as a textiles sales manager and for 13 years was responsible for various WACKER SILICONES market segments. He developed the region’s personal care business and, in 2008, lived in Colombia, where he helped establish the Colombia office by conducting a market study of the region. In 2012, he moved to Brenntag Latam (a champion WACKER distributor) for 4 years, developing the silicone and polymer markets. Adolfo rejoined WACKER in 2016 and is currently the senior sales manager for rubber and elastomers in the Middle Americas region. He has a BS in Chemical Engineering from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Seung-A Lee

Seung-A Lee joined WACKER in 2014 in CoEE(Center of Electronic Excellent) and has 18 years of experience in Electronic material R&D. From 2014 to 2018, she developed Optical bonding material for Automomotives, consumer electronics etc. She is now the Technical Manager for Consumer Electronics.

Dario Li

Dario Li obtained a master’s degree in Material Science from Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2012. He joined the Rubber Solutions business team at WACKER China in 2016, as a technical manager responsible for promotion and technical support of silicone rubbers in energy, auto, healthcare, baby care, and other industrial applications in South China.

Sungjin Park

Dr. Ingmar Piglosiewicz

Dr. Ingmar Piglosiewicz worked after his PhD thesis as JSPS Research Fellow on Porous Coordination Polymers at Kyoto University Japan. After his work as technical service manager for special solvents and gas absorption fluids at Clariant Produkte GmbH, he began work as technical service manager for fumed silica with focus on adhesives and imaging systems at Wacker Chemie AG. Since 2011, he has been member of the WACKER ACADEMY training team.

Juan Wang

Juan Wang is the product supervisor for Construction Polymers at WACKER’s Nanjing factory, where she is in charge of quality supervision of polymer powders. She is also the laboratory supervisor for Construction Polymers at WACKER’s Shanghai technical center, where she is in charge of lab management. She obtained a master’s degree in Material Science from Tongji University in 2006, her main field is high-performance cement-based materials. She has held her position at WACKER Construction Polymers in Shanghai since 2016.

Laura Zhang

Laura holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Material Science and Technology from ECUST (East China University of Science and Technology). She is a technical engineer at the WACKER Shanghai technical center, in charge of technical service and support for engineering silicones for general industry. She joined WACKER in 2013 and is responsible for promotion and technical support of engineering silicone products in China.

Seminars for Electrical, Electronic and Lighting Systems

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