Wacker Chemical Corporation Launches Web Shop for Quick Standardized Rubber Compound Purchasing

Adrian, MI, USA, Sep 28, 2020

Since launching SILMIX.com in the fall of 2019, SILMIX®, the U.S.-based custom rubber compounder, has enhanced the site to include a web shop offering customers a select number of standard products.

SILMIX® identified the top standard products that customers order and the 16 options are now available for quick ordering online. To access the web shop, visit www.SILMIX.com and select “SHOP” from the top menu options. Customers can choose from four main products with four color options in three different quantities.

The four main product lines meet a wide range of customer needs. Two product lines were developed especially for extrusion processes. Our SILMIX® E-grades are available in shore A 40 durometer (SILMIX® E40) and shore A 70 durometer (SILMIX® E70). Two SILMIX® M-grades are available for molding applications in shore A 40 durometer (SILMIX® M40) and shore A 70 durometer (SILMIX® M70). All product lines are available in black, white, red-iron oxide and gray. Quantity options permit various order sizes of 5-, 50-, 250-pound options.

Checking out through the web shop is a quick and easy process. As a registered user, the customer makes product selections and then, with a few clicks, pays with credit card for a speedy order. Once the order is placed, customers receive the rubber compound as a slab preform in a 21-inch box within 10 days, with standard shipping. Expedited orders will deliver product within 72 hours at an additional cost.

Registration for new customers is easy too. A new user simply creates an account with a user ID and password and provides basic information such as the customer name, email address and billing information. A tax certification and federal ID can be provided in the profile. The process is complete within one business day.

Since the launch of SILMIX.com, customers can directly contact the manufacturer with questions and requests for quotes and orders. If customers need a quantity, color or property that is different from what is available on the web shop, they can still request a quote directly through SILMIX.com for a customized product fit for specific needs. The SILMIX® team will quickly provide a customized quote for each request. This further simplifies the process for customers ordering a standard compound.

WACKER’s SILMIX® facilities in Chino, California and N. Canton, Ohio are equipped to deliver rapid order turnaround by streamlining the mixing, milling and packaging operations. Additionally, the SILMIX®-Ohio facility offers complete turnkey applications plus testing and product development.

Visit SILMIX.com for more information or visit www.silmix.com/myaccount and begin ordering.


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