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Infant Nutrition

Free from Worry

L-cysteine can increase the nutritional value of baby and infant formulas. Normally, nature ensures that the baby is properly nourished via its mother’s milk. But where the mother’s milk is insufficient or unavailable, the essential L-cysteine must be provided in supplements.

Cysteine is one of the semi-essential amino acids and can be synthesized from other building blocks by human metabolism. However, newborns and infants have not yet developed this mechanism. They must be supplied with L-cysteine in their first year of life with their feed.

Products for babies and infants place maximum importance on the purity of the raw materials and safety of the production processes. For many decades there was no alternative to cysteine from human or animal byproducts. WACKER is the first manufacturer to offer vegan alternatives by fermentation of plant-based raw materials. FERMOPURE® comprises natural L-cystine and vegan L-cysteine.

FERMOPURE® L-cystine from WACKER is produced with the aid of microorganisms in fermenters under precisely controlled conditions. Non-genetically modified starch, inorganic salts and trace elements are the base materials for this process. There is absolutely no risk of contamination with human or animal pathogens.

FERMOPURE® from WACKER is certified as halal and kosher and is suitable for vegetarian and vegan products.

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