Whistleblower System

Are you aware of malpractice and don’t know what to do about it? You can report violations of laws and rules to WACKER. Either in writing, by phone or in person, and anonymously if you wish. This text is addressed to our employees and managers, to our business partners and to other third parties.

Full Details of the Whistleblower System

Please note: It is not permitted to deliberately harm anyone with an untrue report, since this would be a personal act of denunciation. Anyone, however, who makes a disclosure in the reasonable belief that they are doing the right thing cannot be reproached for this later. Whistleblowers are protected by the law in Europe. Disclosures need to be verifiable, though – so that the company can effectively remedy violations. Vague allegations rarely help us.

As always, it is possible to report potential misconduct directly to management, to the Compliance department or to employee representatives.

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