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Technical Center

Markets are constantly changing. If you want your success to last, you must identify future trends right now. This is the only way to transform ideas into innovations and hence into products tailored to the needs of the market.

With our state-of-the-art technical centers and WACKER ACADEMY, together with our close cooperation with some leading universities, we ensure that you benefit from optimum knowledge transfer and efficient processes. This makes it possible to manufacture market-oriented products that offer you a high added-value potential.


Take advantage of the unique range of services provided by WACKER technical center Singapore. Our trainers are well equipped with comprehensive expertise, regionally specific know-how and tailored solutions to meet your needs.

The WACKER ACADEMY in Singapore reflects our specialized knowledge and market experience gained in Southeast Asia. Our laboratory specialist teams can test your products using local raw materials and develop the optimum formulation. The laboratory for polymeric binders concentrates primarily on applications for construction chemicals while the silicone laboratory focuses on textiles, cosmetics and waterproofing systems.


Wacker Chemie AG expanded its presence in Southeast Asia by opening a technical center for construction and adhesives applications in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta. The technical facility serves as a development and testing laboratory for dispersible polymer powders and dispersions, which are used as binders for the regional building, paint, coatings and adhesives industries.

By expanding its local expertise in development, applications technology and service, WACKER is able to optimally support customers and business partners in the region. It is thus further opening up Southeast Asia’s rapidly developing markets for high-quality construction polymers and chemical raw materials.

Localization of R&D

In Vietnam, i.e., we develop polymer modified skimcoat formulations for autoclaved aerated concrete (ACC blocks), and in Thailand our highly experienced specialists assist you in developing thermal insulation mortar and powder paints.

Local Service, Local People

Many of our employees have grown up in the region, and are familiar with local market conditions. It goes without saying that your local point of contact will be fluent in English, Chinese or other major Asian language.