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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

WACKER's efforts in Southeast Asia

WACKER sees itself as a corporate citizen – as part of the society in which we live and work. That is why we practice social responsibility, especially in the regions where our sites are located. Corporate Social Responsibility to WACKER means practicing philanthropy and supporting local and global causes; sharing our time and reaching out to our neighbors through supporting education, and contributing to sustainability and maintaining a healthy environment.

Our Team

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Anna Oliveiro
Carolyn Ng
Gwendaline Lee
Alex Tan
Kenneth Koh
Thomas Ng

Projects & Events

Quick News

Examples of meatfree meals

Sustainability Week at WACKER

While WACKER held its yearly sustainability week in October, Singapore colleagues were able to celebrate it online together with those based in its six representative offices in Southeast Asia. Emphasis of the program continued on how we implement green habits into our daily lives. It began with a weekly exchange forum to build awareness and shine the spotlight on environmental concerns.

The event kicked off with a Meatless Monday and also included activities such as upcycling old files and observing earth hour in the office and at home.

Team at the beach clean inniciative

“Clean Shores, Clean Waters”

To express our commitment towards environmental protection through reduction and responsible recycling and disposal of wastes, the team together with some of our volunteers joined the “Clean Shores, Clean Waters” – beach clean up event organized by Singapore Chemical Industry Council.

Announcement for and results of the upcycling workshop

Upcycling Workshop – From File to Mask Holder

Wearing a face mask has been especially crucial during the coronavirus pandemic. But how do you store your mask when you are not wearing it? This workshop showed our colleagues an easy way to upcycle files or even drink cartons into mask holders.