ProSweets Cologne 2017 WACKER Presents CANDY2GUM® for Confectionery with a New Mouthfeel and CAPIVA® 3D for the First 3D Printing Process to Use Gum

Munich, Jan 29, 2017

At ProSweets Cologne 2017, taking place from January 29 until February 1, in Cologne, Germany, WACKER is presenting the new CANDY2GUM® technology for confectionery with a completely new mouthfeel – what begins as a piece of chewy candy turns into chewing gum after a short time. Since this innovative product is made in a boiling process, manufacturers can now add water-based, fat-containing and natural ingredients, such as fruit juice, cocoa and coffee. Plus, the fair will see WACKER showcasing CAPIVA® 3D, the world’s first 3D printing process to use chewing gum. For the first time, chewing gum comes in a variety of customizable shapes. Solid resins of the CAPIVA® S and VINNAPAS® brands complete WACKER’s portfolio for gum base applications.

WACKER will premiere its new CANDY2GUM® technology at ProSweets Cologne. With CANDY2GUM®, it is possible to produce innovative chewy candy that turns into chewing gum after a short time – the mouthfeel and chewing experience are absolutely unique. The new technology does not only alter the texture of confectionery. It also opens up new opportunities for flavors and ingredients that, until now, were unheard of for chewing gum – fruit juice, coffee, milk, caramel, chocolate, coconut and plant extracts. Now, a multitude of water-based, fat-containing and natural ingredients are available for use in chewing gum.

The secret behind this confectionery innovation is the production process – CANDY2GUM® products are simply boiled. Conventional chewing gum, on the other hand, is made in a dry kneading process. Water-based and fat-containing ingredients, such as fruit juice and cocoa, are exactly what the traditional kneading process cannot handle.

Not so with CANDY2GUM®. Because the production process is similar to making chewy candy, standard sugar-confectionery cookers can be used. WACKER offers a suitable premix for this: CAPIVA® C03. The premix is just added to the candy mass – and a simple piece of chewy candy becomes an innovative CANDY2GUM® product.

CAPIVA® C03 is insoluble in water, but it melts fully, which means it can be blended homogeneously. The fact that WACKER’s premix is ideal for use in both sugary and sugar-free candy mixtures opens up numerous opportunities for novel confectionery products. With CANDY2GUM® technology, it is now possible to produce confectionery goods that begin like a piece of chewy candy and turn into gum as they are being chewed. On top of this, they feature completely new flavors and ingredients.

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Straight off the 3D Printer – Chewing Gum in New Shapes

At the tradeshow, WACKER is presenting the world’s first 3D printing process to use chewing gum. WACKER’s experts have developed CAPIVA® 3D, a novel product formulation specifically for printable gum, and have optimized the software and hardware for this sophisticated food matrix. As a result, chewing gum can be formed in many, completely novel shapes. Whatever is needed, whether a name, logo or lifelike miniature figure, this new technology can produce gum in a wide range of colors, shapes and flavors – individually personalized.

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CAPIVA® S and VINNAPAS® for All Kinds of Modern Gum Bases

VINNAPAS® polyvinyl acetate is used throughout the world as an important ingredient in all kinds of modern gum bases. VINNAPAS® solid resins conform to the German additive approval regulations (ZZulV), the American FDA 21 CFR §172.615 and the requirements as laid out in the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC).

CAPIVA® S is a solid resin specifically developed to simplify gum base manufacturing and to make it more efficient. CAPIVA® S renders the gum base flexible and elastic even without additional elastomers or colophony resins (rosins). At the same time, the chewing gum is easier to remove from surfaces and displays an improved flavor-release profile.


WACKER ( has been a leading supplier of food-grade polyvinyl acetate solid resins for over 60 years and manufactures them in Germany and China. These solid resins from WACKER are key components in a variety of modern gum base types. Beside industrial-scale production, WACKER offers full technical support for its solid resins, right from gum base formulation through to gum coating. The products are supplied to the global chewing-gum market under the VINNAPAS® trademark and the innovation brand CAPIVA®.

Come and visit WACKER at ProSweets Cologne 2017 in Hall 10.1, Booth D020.


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