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Rock Salt

WACKER’s salt mine in Stetten annually produces ~500,000 metric tons of sodium chloride, for processing into chemical salt, road salt, commercial and industrial salt and sodium chloride brines. Experienced mining specialists employing the latest mining technologies ensure environmentally sound extraction of the salt as well as its proper dressing and storage. Lean distribution structures and optimized logistics processes guarantee the rapid and reliable delivery of the salt directly to our customers.

Road Salt

By keeping roads clear of snow and ice, WACKER's road salt helps municipal and community road services to meet their road-safety obligations in winter economically and with little detriment to the environment. WACKER rock salt is available in different grain sizes and meets the requirements of European regulation EN 16811.

Industrial Salt

With its very high percentage of sodium chloride and relatively low moisture content, WACKER's industrial salt is perfect for a wide range of processes, including chlorine synthesis. Individual properties, such as the moisture content, can be customized.

Sodium Chloride Brine

In winter, WACKER's sodium chloride brine is spread on roads in combination with wet salt. It is also an essential component in numerous industrial processes, such as those in the textile industry.