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Fine Chemicals

WACKER draws on the five core technologies of selective chlorination, photochlorination, ketene chemistry, organometallic reactions and silane chemistry, to produce a wide range of fine chemicals and synthetic building blocks. Our main product groups include ketones, esters, chlorinated intermediates, heterocyclic compounds and silanes. These products find their main applications in the field of life sciences, such as pharmaceutical API synthesis or agrochemicals, but also in other industrial compounds.

WACKER’s portfolio of building blocks for organic synthesis also includes biotech products in addition to the fine chemicals derived from classical chemical manufacturing processes. Particularly important biotech products include the amino acids L-cystine und L-cysteine. WACKER is the first global company to produce L-cystine in a patented process through fermentation in E. coli and therefore our amino acids are of the highest purity and TSE/BSE-free.

Properties and Application

Building blocks for synthesis are needed to synthesize pharmaceutical active ingredients, agrochemicals and performance chemicals, such as catalysts and stabilizers.

Silanes can be used as protective groups or for chromatography applications or as silylating agent for the derivatization of alcohols or amines.

L-Cystine is employed in the manufacture of expectorants such as N-acetylcysteine and S-carboxymethylcysteine, as excipient or as refolding agent.

  • Organic esters
  • Diketones
  • Heterocycles
  • Chlorinated intermediates
  • Other fine chemicals
  • Silanes