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VINNACEL® is WACKER’s trademark for polymer binders that are supplied in the form of a complete additive solutions, tailored to specific customer needs. VINNACEL® products increase the adhesion, cohesion and long-term performance of cementitious systems in order to optimize the end application.

VINNACEL® polymers are targeted at the construction industry offering extra performance on customers needs.

Main Characteristics:

VINNACEL® products can be based on numerous polymers such as vinyl acetate, styrene acrylic or vinyl-chloride and/or multiple components such as vinyl acetate-ethylene with additional components. They are available as polymer powders and dispersions.

Main Benefits:

VINNACEL® polymer binders improve adhesion, cohesion and long-term performance in the end application while optimizing customers’ production processes, thereby saving admixture and storage costs.


  • Construction industry