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SILRES® products can make mineral surfaces highly water-repellent

The SILRES® brand comprises a wide range of silicones for coatings, paints and construction applications. The portfolio has been developed and continuously improved since the 1950s when the first silicone resins for building protection originated in WACKER laboratories. It features not only time-tested and innovative products, but also tailored solutions for a host of applications, climates and substrates. And it is supported by a range of extensive services available from our technical centers worldwide which provide further customization and customer-specific options.


  • Low water uptake
  • High water-vapor permeability
  • Barrier against harmful, water-soluble salts
  • High resistance to heat, cold and UV light


  • Binders and additives for durable decorative coatings
  • Silane/siloxane creams, emulsions and liquids for protecting concrete
  • Impregnation agents for hydrophobic impregnation of facades
  • Silicone emulsions for hydrophobic impregnation of insulation materials
  • Silicones for hydrophobic impregnation of brick and roof tiles
  • Water-repellent additives for producing gypsum-based materials
  • Silicone powders as water-repellent additives for dry-mixes
  • Water-repellent additives for cement-fiber boards and similar materials
  • Silicone microemulsion concentrate and cream for horizontal damp-proofing
  • Hydrophobic impregnation agents and additives for wood
  • Surface treatment of mineral substrates with anti-stain, color-enhancing and anti-graffiti effects

Benefits of SILRES® Resins and Intermediates


  • Protection against extreme heat and rapid temperature changes
  • Excellent resistance to UV and weathering
  • Versatile styling combined with high functionality


SILRES® silicone resins make ideal binders for:

  • Heat-resistant coatings for exhaust and engine parts
  • Heat-resistant exterior paints in the chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Decorative and functional coatings for stoves, fireplaces and barbecues
  • Weatherable topcoats, e.g. for high-performance steel structures, such as bridges or buildings and offshore platforms in highly corrosive environments

SILRES® intermediates greatly enhance the heat and weathering resistance of organic binders. The resulting optimized coatings are used for:

  • Weatherable coil-coating finishes, e.g. for roofing
  • Heat-resistant decorative coatings for pots and pans and kitchen appliances such as toasters, waffle irons, etc.