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SEMICOSIL® is WACKER's brand name for its silicone rubber grades developed for use in electronics applications. Each product is customized to the requirements of a specific application, resulting in a portfolio of highly specialized grades.

We offer silicone rubbers with:

  • Extremely high chemical purity (ion content of < 2 ppm)
  • Low-temperature stability (down to −120 °C)
  • High temperature stability (up to +210 °C)
  • Resistance to aggressive media, e.g., fuels and acidic exhaust

SEMICOSIL® silicones are available as 1- and 2-part silicone rubber grades, addition-cured or UV-cured. The curing system and time can be adjusted individually by choosing the appropriate catalyst. All grades are fully automatically processable in mixing and metering units and ideal for processing by conventional methods or in mass production.


  • Reduction of thermal stress
  • Dampening of vibrations
  • Uniform stress distribution between different materials
  • Heat dissipation
  • Protection against mechanical and chemical effects
  • Protection against radiation, ozone gas and high atmospheric humidity


SEMICOSIL® silicone rubber grades are used as:

  • Encapsulants
  • Coatings, protective varnishings
  • Gap fillers
  • Thermal adhesives
  • Thermal pads and pastes
  • In the manufacture of circuit boards, power semiconductor devices, electronic control units and transformers


  • Automotive electronics
  • e-Mobility (battery assembly)
  • Power electronics
  • Consumer electronics