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Extra Safety in the Transmission Industry

POWERSIL® from WACKER is a portfolio of specialty silicones for power transmission and distribution. It also includes silicone fluids for transformers, and specialty silicone pastes.

All POWERSIL® products meet the requisite product safety, quality and reliability demands imposed by the various applications, and are notable for their outstanding property profiles. POWERSIL® rubber grades confer lasting water repellency, resistance to leakage currents and erosion, and good low-temperature flexibility. This makes them ideal for harsh climates found in coastal and desert regions.

POWERSIL® silicone rubber grades and POWERSIL® insulator coatings are 1- and 2-pack silicone compounds. The rubbers cure at either ambient or elevated temperature in accordance with how they are processed. Conventional methods are employed for this, i.e. spraying (silicone coatings), compression molding, injection molding, low-pressure mold filling (LPMF), and extrusion. The products are used for making:

  • Insulators
  • Surge arresters and bushings
  • Coupling sleeves, cable terminals and connectors

POWERSIL® products are supplied in different classes that offer a full range of properties for all kinds of applications:


  • Broad product range for various processing technologies, such as injection molding and extrusion
  • Outstanding electrical insulation is a basic property. Several grades have been modified to provide electrical conductivity
  • Huge selection of modification options with regard to curing process, color and other properties


  • Comprehensive product portfolio, e.g. including electrically conducting grades
  • Exceptional mechanical properties
  • High potential for new developments and modifications

RTV-1 (especially coatings)

  • Hydrophobic coatings, with transfer of hydrophobic properties to adjacent layers of grime
  • Adhesion to most common substrates

RTV-2 (especially cable accessories)

  • Good electrical properties
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Simple production technology

POWERSIL® transformer fluid is a highly pure liquid with excellent dielectric properties, very good long-term thermal stability and exceptionally high ignition point. POWERSIL® Fluid is used as a cooling and dielectric fluid in transformers.

POWERSIL® Paste AP combines the excellent dielectric properties of a silicone paste with outstanding lubrication. It also causes very little swelling in contact with silicone elastomers. The pastes serve as slip-on aids for cable accessories.