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Under the brand family GENIOSIL®, WACKER offers organofunctional silanes and innovative silane modified polymers for bonding and sealing. Their most outstanding property is the fact that they combine environmental advantages with performance benefits.

GENIOSIL® organofunctional silanes are hybrid compounds that combine the functionality of a reactive organic group with the inorganic functionality of an alkyl silicate in a single molecule. This allows them to be used as molecular bridges between organic polymers and inorganic materials. The bridging property of the organofunctional silanes is crucial in many applications. For example, GENIOSIL® silanes are adhesion promoters, curing agents and water scavengers, and are therefore an important component of adhesives and sealants, surface coatings and composites. They are also used for coating fillers and for producing crosslinkable PE in the plastics industry.

Structure of an α-Dimethoxysilane-Terminated Polyether

GENIOSIL® STP-E are silane-crosslinking organic polymers that combine properties typical of both silicones and polyurethanes. They are highly versatile yet easy and safe to use as they are isocyanate- and solvent-free and – in case of the α-polymers – do not require tin-catalysts for curing.

Their low viscosity makes them easy to process and permits a wide tolerance for formulating adhesives and sealants with outstanding mechanical properties. Because of the high curing rate, the end products cure rapidly and completely. Moreover, they bond well without primer and can be easily painted. Whether for industrial applications, DIY or the building trade, for bonding, grouting or sealing, GENIOSIL® STP-E hybrid polymers permit the formulation of adhesives and sealants that possess the properties that the market demands.

Based on the innovative alpha-technology, GENIOSIL® XB for the first time exploit the advantages of silane crosslinking for user-friendly, environmentally compatible structural adhesive bonds. Thanks to their low viscosity, they can be easily compounded without using plasticizers or solvents. Moreover, the use of tin catalysts can now also be eliminated.

Adhesives based on GENIOSIL® XB cure upon contact with humidity in the ambient air to form thermosets and attain hardness in the upper Shore D range. In terms of adhesive strength, these adhesives are making advances into what used to be the exclusive domain of epoxy- and isocyanate-crosslinked systems. They cure without blistering, develop strength quickly and adhere to many commonly used materials such as wood, glass, metals and ceramics – with no need for primers.

GENIOSIL® XT grades expand the formulation capabilities with silane-terminated polymers. These new grades have been optimized to be low in viscosity but displaying a high number of silyl groups per unit volume. Consequently, the new polymers build up a solid, yet elastic network as they cure. The resulting adhesive layers and waterproofing membranes based on GENIOSIL® XT attain high inner strength, remain extremely elastic and exhibit outstanding tear resistance. Thus they are the products of choice for industrial applications.

The novel silane-modified polymers of the GENIOSIL® XM range are monofunctional polymers that offer a wide range of adhesion and sealing options, even without the use of plasticizer. They are ideal for the formulation of soft yet highly elastic adhesives and sealants. The resultant product exhibits virtually universal, outstanding adhesion especially to many difficult, sometimes non-polar, substrates – in particular low-energy surfaces such as PVC, PS or EPDM.

Based on WACKER’s α-technology, GENIOSIL® WP silane-modified polymers are the key to innovative waterproofing products, whose properties are comparable to those of polyurethane-based liquid waterproofing coatings. Thanks to its particularly low viscosity, GENIOSIL® WP is easy to formulate – without the addition of solvents, plasticizers or tin catalysts.

The one-component end products do not require classification as hazardous substances and adhere to most substrates without pretreatment. They can be applied by roller, brush or airless sprayer. Due to their moisture-curing properties, they can be processed in all kinds of weather – even on cold, wet days and on damp substrates.

Curing results in a tack-free waterproofing membrane that is rainproof in no time and features good mechanical strength and excellent resistance to chemicals. Furthermore, it bridges cracks and is watertight, yet permits diffusion.

Thanks to their unique property profile, waterproofing membranes based on GENIOSIL® WP can be used in a variety of applications.