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Leather Treatment

Leather always gives a touch of elegance, exclusivity and luxury No matter where it is used, leather always stands for exceptional quality.

In leather processing, it is therefore all the more important to meet the highest standards, and obtain the required product properties. Hard wearing, supple, color fast and water repellent, with a pleasant hand feel.

Silicones from WACKER allow you to tailor the effects you need. For each of these effects, the SIPELL® product portfolio, offers the right silicone for the leather industry - based on over 40 years’ international experience. This also applies when they are used to make production processes efficient and smooth running.

Wet End

Silicones from WACKER ensure that your production runs smoothly and efficiently in the wet-end range, and that you can reliably attain the leather properties you desire. This mainly includes water impermeability and suppleness of shoe uppers. These quality features thereby increase the durability of the end products and thereby improve sustainability.

Hand Feel

The perceived quality and exclusivity of a leather article depends to a large extent on its tactile properties. For handbags, gloves, coats and belts, a pleasantly velvety surface and a “genuine” leather appearance are important motives to buy. WACKER silicones ensure a soft and pleasant hand.

Our functionalized silicone fluids as well as our broad range of special silicone emulsions are essential for the tailored formulation of top-coat products.


With the specially developed silicone products from WACKER, you can achieve a reliably finish your leather to a high quality. As functional additives, they optimizer your formulations and improve quality-critical properties,such as softness, water and soil repellency, gloss and abrasion resistance.


As an especially robust material, leather must also be weatherproof and flexible. Water-repellency is particularly important for coats, shoes or baggage. With special silicones from WACKER, you can make leather water repellent to suit your needs. From silicone fluids with, e.g., organic functional groups, through to tailored emulsions, a broad range of products is waiting for you.


Silicones from WACKER help to achieve first-class product properties and effects,ensuring that manufacturing processes are reliable, efficient and stable. Defoamers play a key role here - WACKER offers the ideal product to meet your needs.

WACKER’s SILFOAM® products give you control over the development of foam during the process. WACKER antifoams are especially efficient here: though largely chemically unreactive, they ensure high production speeds.