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Skin Care

The skin is not only the largest organ in the human body, it is also the most visible. Beautiful skin is attractive and a sign of health. People therefore devote a lot of time and attention to looking after their skin, no matter what age and gender they are.

People and markets around the world want products that cater specifically to their different skin types and ages. Care, protection and aesthetics always play a role here.

WACKER offers producers a highly diverse range of multifunctional silicones and innovative cyclodextrins for formulating specific effects. WACKER silicones can be used to adjust consistency, absorption, spreadability and tactile properties.

These silicone-based additives improve water repellency by forming films, leave the skin feeling silky-soft, support the formulation of highly effective products and contribute high spreading power.

WACKER Skin Care has everything you need to make skin feel good, to condition and protect, to rejuvenate and regenerate.

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The catalog of demands which modern creams have to meet is highly exacting: soft and smooth, moisturizing and toning, fast-absorbing and pleasant to use, simple to make and easy to store. Achieving this complex interplay is child’s play with silicone-based additives and cyclodextrins from WACKER.

For example, low-viscosity dimethicones yield day creams that are absorbed quickly and unfold their effect on the skin in a totally unobtrusive manner. High-viscosity dimethicones and dimethiconols for night creams form a water vapor permeable film on the skin that moisturizes, conditions and smooths the skin over night. Volatile silicones and dimethicones reliably prevent soaping effects and guarantee pleasant application.

We have the right additive for every requirement, no matter how demanding.

The details:

  • Reliable moisturizer
    Alkyl-modified BELSIL®silicones create a barrier layer that prevents transepidermal moisture loss and helps the skin to stay supple and smooth.
  • Attractive protective layer
    Dimethicones and dimethiconols form a breathable barrier layer on the skin that makes the skin look radiant.
  • Pleasant application
    Volatile silicones and dimethicones prevent whitening and soaping effects during application and make the product a pleasure to use.
  • Stable shine and suppleness
    BELSIL® phenyl silicones and selected silicone resins form a thin, smooth lubricant film on the skin that makes it discreetly glossy and supple.
  • Long-lasting stability
    HDK® pyrogenic silica acts as a stabilizer in creams and gels.
    CAVAMAX® W6 cyclodextrin not only stabilizes oil-in-water emulsions, but can modulate their viscosity as desired.

To the extent that men are turning increasingly to care products, the shaving and aftershave market is growing disproportionately fast. Add to this the global trend to sport a beard and the market opportunities here are huge.

After all, one shaving cream is not the same as the next and no two aftershaves are identical. And they come in the form of lotions, creams, gels and balms. The key demands are high skin compatibility and conditioning properties such as protection and moisturization. We offer additives which have been tailored to the specific needs of male skin and are ideal for developing and optimizing your formulations to produce virtually any desired effect.

The details:

  • Protection against drying out
    Wacker-Belsil® dimethicones, dimethiconols and alkyl silicones create a breathable, barrier layer on the skin that noticeably prevents it from drying out.
  • Optimum smoothness and spreadability
    Volatile silicones impart smoothness and suppleness to the skin. They additionally ensure that the products spread better over the skin.
  • Much less irritation
    Surfactants can irritate skin and mucous membranes. Wacker-Belsil®polyether silicones greatly alleviate this irritation.

WACKER offer innovative active ingredients for formulating your anti-aging portfolio to protect, rejuvenate and regenerate. Cyclodextrin complexes with retinol and tocopherol are used to great effect in anti-wrinkle and anti-aging products.

Cyclodextrin stabilizes the active ingredients retinol and tocopherol, releasing them efficiently to the skin as required. Retinol, a proven effective anti-wrinkle active, promotes regeneration of skin tissue over a prolonged period of time. Tocopherol is natural vitamin E and nowadays an indispensable ingredient in cosmetics because it is verifiably effective at preventing skin from aging and protecting it against UV damage.

Skin aging is also caused by free radicals. These can be kept at bay with antioxidants, which make an ideal ingredient for anti-aging products. Hydroxytyrosol is a particularly strong antioxidant obtained from olives. WACKER’s hydroxytyrosol HTEssence® is a highly pure, nature-identical antioxidant that mops up the free-radicals responsible for premature skin aging.

Some people may want a paler skin for aesthetic reasons, as it conforms to local beauty stereotypes. Or the reason may be cosmetic: to minimize dark spots on the skin which may be age-related or induced by hormonal imbalances, sunlight, skin changes or illness.

Hydroxytyrosol is a bioactive compound found in olives. It inhibits tyrosinase, an important enzyme involved in the production of melanin, and so exerts a skin-lightening effect. It has been shown that hydroxytyrosol is also an effective agent for increasing the level of glutathione in cells. High glutathione levels are associated with a high production of pheomelanin, which leads to paler skin. At the same time, less eumelanin (dark pigment) is produced. Hydroxytyrosol is also a free-radical scavenger which protects the skin against UV-B radiation. All these aspects combined protect against skin aging and make hydroxytyrosol ideal for effective anti-aging formulations. WACKER’s HTEssence® is the first nature-identical, high-purity hydroxytyrosol. It differs from other skin-lightening active agents in the 3-in-1 properties described above.

Aside from HTEssence® WACKER has a further powerful antioxidant for cosmetics formulators in its portolio: L-cysteine taken as a dietary supplement raises the glutathione level, thereby possibly leading to paler skin pigmentation and the disappearance of dark spots from the skin.

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