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A pleasant fragrance is part of a cultivated and well-groomed appearance - and adds to the generally positive impression.

A key part of this involves controlling the body’s natural odor over long periods. It’s no coincidence, then, that deodorants and antiperspirants play an essential part in personal care for both women and men - and are therefore correspondingly successful on the market.

Besides the fragrance, the product’s lubricity, spreadability, volatilization and persistence play key roles in its success and the demand for it.

With volatile silicones and dimethicones, WACKER offers a variety of effective carrier substances for roll-on or spray applications.

This allows a pleasant silky skin feel, optimum spreadability and pleasant consistencies to be obtained. It also prevents “whitening” and “soaping effects.” Whatever constitutes a successful antiperspirant, and whatever properties you require: WACKER additives make it possible.