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Fiber Finishing

WACKER offers a broad portfolio of lubricants and sizing agents for fiber finishing.

The special properties of ADVALON® fiber lubricants ensure smooth fiber production while also improving product performance and productivity. Moreover with the ADVALON® product line, you can create very specific, reliable and lasting effects on the finished fiber.

SILFOAM® silicone-based antifoam agents provide optimum fiber production and stable product quality.

Fiber Lubricants

During polyurethane fiber production by the dry and wet spinning processes, WACKER fiber lubricants maintain key properties, such as low friction and reduced fiber breakage, increased efficiency, and much more.WACKER fiber lubricants also prove effective as processing aids for PAN precursor fibers used in carbon fiber production. These finishes are in demand whenever an application requires very high tensile strength and maximum physical resistance under extreme conditions. In the production of PET, PA or PP fibers by melt spinning, special heat-resistant release agents and lubricants are used to significantly reduce fiber breakage while simultaneously increasing the processing rate and minimizing the amount of maintenance work generally required.


Defoaming agents play a key role in optimizing the manufacturing process. WACKER product defoamers effectively combat and prevent the foam normally occurring during processing. SILFOAM® allows foaming in the wet spinning bath during fiber production to be selectively controlled, ensuring that workflows run smoothly. WACKER antifoam agents are especially efficient, largely chemically unreactive, and ensure a high production rate.

Special silicones from WACKER are targeted at providing reliable, permanent effects on the treated fibers. We offer the right additives, which can be easily and reliably processed on different fibers.

Fiber Preparation

In fiberfills, ADVALON® F provides textile fibers with softness, a pleasant feel and permanent resilience. All this is due to the outstanding lubricity effect of silicone. It reduces friction between individual fibers, thus providing them with a pleasantly soft hand feel. The crosslinked structure of the finish additionally enhances the natural elasticity of the fiberfill pad. Fiberfill treated in this way is attractive and permanently retains its properties. It is used, for example, in pillows, bedcovers, sleeping bags, stuffed animals and functional sports clothing.