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Intumescent Coatings

VINNAPAS® dispersions are used in intumescent coatings that boost the heat resistance of steel columns in the event of fire.

Intumescent coatings are applied like paints, in thicknesses ranging from just 300 micrometers to several millimeters. In case of an outbreak of fire, the coatings swell by 10 to 100 times their original thickness to form a thermally insulating foam jacket around the steel column that slows the rate at which the steel heats up. Thus, in the event of fire, buildings can maintain their structural integrity for much longer.

Benefits of VINNAPAS® Binders

The thermal insulation properties of a foam stem from its high density and very fine pores. Binders such as VINNAPAS® play a key role in foam formation. Without them, the foam layer would be too brittle, would inadequately adhere to the steel substrate and might slide or flake off . The binder also determines how fast the layer of foam expands to its full thickness around a steel column.

Unprotected steel girder
Steel girder with an intumescent coating

Modern buildings often feature steel skeletons – but when the temperature reaches 500°C, steel frames soften rapidly. To prevent them from buckling within minutes during a fire, they are protected with special fire-protection coatings, allowing them to resist a fire for much longer.