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Surface Care

Permanent Protection for Surfaces

Whether ceramic hobs, shoes or furniture – painted, treated or untreated surfaces must be properly polished to achieve lasting protection and beauty. A high-quality polish cleans, maintains and protects, and is easy to use. Silicone-based additives for polishes meet this requirement profile. No matter what formulation system you employ – WACKER has the formulation expertise and guideline recipes to help you with ready-to-use polishes.

WACKER provides an extensive range of silicone products for formulating high-quality care agents. With our standard silicone fluids, organo-modified silicone fluids, silicone resins, silicone waxes and the corresponding oil-in-water emulsions, you give your polishes Silicones from WACKER make polishing easier, improve gloss and depth of color and provide long-term protection against environmental effects.

Hydrophilic Film on Glass Surfaces

Special-purpose WACKER silicones contained in antimisting agents create an invisible, highly effective hydrophilic film on glass surfaces. This prevents moist air from condensing to droplets. Instead, an extremely thin homogeneous water film forms that does not scatter light. As a result, glass surfaces such as car windows, mirrors and eyeglasses do not fog up, and optimum visibility is assured.

Protective Glass-Ceramic Cleaning Agents

Cleaning agents for glass ceramics based on special silicone agents make the surfaces easier to polish and produce a glossy surface. They also form a protective film that makes it possible to easily remove burned food residues with a high sugar content.

Cleaning, Gloss and Antistatic Finish

Thanks to special silicone active ingredients, it is easier to clean glass surfaces – and the result is a streak-free shine as well. The extremely thin film on the surface of the glass also has anti-static properties, which prevents dirt from collecting again.

Durable Non-Slip Polishes

Floor care agents are generally liquid O/W emulsions or formulations that contain solvents; the active ingredients are essentially silicones, waxes and polymers.

They form a protective coating on floor coverings and must satisfy a wide range of demands. The protective film must provide an effective shield against soiling, have a durable, non-slip surface finish while ensuring a visually flawless appearance – and it should be easy to use and polish.

Perfect Beading Effect to Combat Limescale Deposits on Glass

Silicone-based water repellents create an invisible, effective and extremely smooth film on various glass surfaces, such as shower partitions. Water droplets are prevented from adhering to vertical surfaces and run off inclined surfaces more readily. This makes limescale residues on glass a thing of the past.

Protection for porous surfaces.

When applied from a water-based or solvent-based formulation, specialty silicone active ingredients penetrate deep into porous wood and stone surfaces, creating a highly water-repellent protective film. This preserves the original appearance much longer and greatly eases cleaning.

Reliable Impregnation that is Easy to Use

Fluorine-free impregnating agents, based on silicone waxes and resins, deeply permeate the material structure and coat its fibers to provide excellent water repellency. Functional textiles completely retain their breathability.

Brilliant Gloss and Protection

Metal polishes are generally liquid or paste products formulated as O/W or W/O emulsions. Their most important ingredients are silicone fluids, amino-functional silicone fluids and silicone resins. Silicone makes polishing easier, provides a lustrous shine and forms a protective film on the metal's surface.

Residue-Free Care and Color Saturation

Care agents for furniture are generally liquid o/w emulsions that essentially have silicone fluids and waxes as active ingredients. If the protective film is to have a high gloss and color saturation, amino silicone fluids are most suitable for this. However, if more long-lasting protection is required, then silicone waxes are used.

Sensitive Care with a Repair Effect

Care products for plexiglass and polycarbonate contain special silicones that not only make polishing much easier, but also don't cause stress cracking. Therefore, they are ideally suited for cleaning sensitive synthetic glass surfaces, such as those of eyeglasses, shower partitions and windows. The edges of scratches are smoothed by using mild abrasives, making the plexiglass surfaces look like new.

Polishable to a High Gloss

Shoe and leather care products primarily consist of various waxes and silicone oils, as well as pigments. For smooth leathers, the combination of low-viscosity and high-viscosity silicone fluids makes for both a glossy shine and easy buffing. The same results can even be obtained using the corresponding silicone fluid emulsions. Formulations used in shoe wipes are usually based on mixtures of high-viscosity silicone fluids.