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Dough Softening

Free from Hair & Feathers

More and more people are avoiding food of animal origin for health or ethical reasons. Yet, many baked goods contain non-vegan processing aids. WACKER offers the perfect solution: the first vegan L-cysteine produced by starch fermentation . It simplifies kneading and handling of dough, and thus improves the overall texture and volume of the end product.

WACKER’s L-cysteine is produced by starch fermentation and therefore has convincing advantages such as a non-human, non-animal origin. It is certified as kosher and halal and is TSE/BSE-safe.

Benefits and Effects of Using WACKER’s L-Cysteine:

  • Vegan product derived from plant materials
  • Dough softening
  • Improved dough handling and molding
  • Eliminates shrinkage and snap-back
  • Controlled rising and oven spring
  • Reduced cracking of biscuits and crackers
  • Enables increased loaf volume
  • Results in more uniform products with superior quality

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