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Barista Toppings

How to Achieve the Perfect Milk Foam

Baristas, those professional makers and servers of coffee, have developed their own art form: “latte art.” When preparing coffee, baristas perform magic by creating miniature images in the foam. To do so, they need the perfect milk foam.

Consumers greatly appreciate creamy foam on barista-style drinks such as cappuccino or chai latte. But it’s quite a challenge to produce a fine-pored, homogeneous foam that ensures considerable volume, while remaining stable for a long time. Thanks to its unique properties, WACKER’s CAVAMAX® W6 alpha-cyclodextrin can play a crucial role in enhancing barista toppings. As coffee is being foamed, CAVAMAX® W6 makes it possible to obtain a higher foam volume with an even texture, while stabilizing the foam for a lengthy period of time.

Plant or vegan milk is becoming increasingly popular. But the foaming properties of precisely this alternative to dairy milk are still rather limited. This is where CAVAMAX® W6 comes in, as it can help to produce a much more stable and far creamier foam, as demonstrated by almond milk, for example.

CAVAMAX® W6 enjoys key advantages when it comes to barista toppings:

  • It is a free-flowing powder that is easily integrated into powder-form preparations
  • Vegan, kosher & halal
  • Clean label (no E numbers)
  • No labeling for allergens required
  • Made of plant-based, renewable raw materials (cornstarch)

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