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Enabling Healthy Living

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the close relation between nutrition and health. This is driving the growth of functional foods and supplements. WACKER offers innovative antioxidants (CAVACURMIN®, CAVAQ10®, HTEssence®) and a soluble dietary fiber – CAVAMAX® W6 alpha-dextrin – for use in formulating novel food-supplement formulations (EU-verified health claim).

With CAVAMAX® W6 the Glycemix Index (GI) of White Bread Was Lowered by 50%

Low-glycemic-index (GI) foods take longer to digest and maintain the blood glucose at a more even level. A low GI-value diet therefore supports a healthy lifestyle. CAVAMAX® W6 alpha-dextrin is a natural-occurring cyclic oligosaccharide that is produced by WACKER via the enzymatic degradation of starch. The water-soluble dietary fiber has a positive effect on the glycemic index (GI) – a fact that has also been proven in a clinical trial. Moreover, the European Commission has certified that alpha-cyclodextrin has a proven health benefit (health claim). The EU expert opinion confirmed that alpha-cyclodextrins can reduce the increase in blood sugar after a starchy meal.


  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle as an additional source of dietary fiber
  • Clinically proven benefits for the glycemic index (GI)
  • Low viscosity, similar to saccharose
  • Excellent solubility

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