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Boards & Panels

Building with gypsum and fiber cement boards is fast and flexible. To additionally ensure a high quality standard, VINNAPAS® polymer binders are used to enhance the characteristics of mortars, plasters and joint fillers in these applications. SILRES® BS silicone resins are ideal for hydrophobization.

Thanks to its favorable carbon footprint, gypsum contributes significantly to sustainable construction. However, gypsum is water-soluble. VINNAPAS® dispersible polymer powders and SILRES® BS products help to compensate for this disadvantage.

Cement fiber boards, backer boards and fire-resistant boards are treated with SILRES® BS products to reduce the capillary water absorption by post- or bulk-impregnation.


  • Increased freeze/thaw resistance
  • Better dimensional stability in wet areas
  • Prevention of premature drying of plasters, mortars and tile adhesives through optimal water retention
  • Reduced water absorption of lightweight fillers
  • Prevention of additional water ingress at cut edges by integral hydrophobization
  • No paint peeling (siloxane used as primer)

To improve the poor moisture resistance of gypsum, SILRES® BS polymethylhydrosiloxane emulsions can be used for water-repellent treatment. Thanks to the chemical interaction between the gypsum crystals and the silicone, these materials provide far more efficient protection than organic water repellents.

Enhancing wallboard:

Used as admixture with significant benefits over wax additives (for all wallboard plants)

Enhancing fiberboards:

Surface treatment with excellent hydrophobic properties

VINNAPAS® dispersible polymer powders are used as binders in gypsum plasters and fillers to improve manual and machine processing, reduce the water uptake and increase the flexibility, making for smooth, crack-free surfaces. Grades without plasticizers support the formulation of low-emission end products.


  • Outstanding tensile adhesive strength on gypsum plasterboard and jointing tapes
  • Excellent workability
  • Particularly smooth, level surface devoid of cracks or crevices
  • Reduced water uptake
  • Plasticizer-free products available

Reduction in the Water Absorption of a Gypsum Joint Filler

Between x and y weight percent SILRES® BS POWDER G is added to a commercially available gypsum joint filler (left-hand bar). The test specimens obtained were then immersed in water for two hours. The chart shows how much water by weight percent was absorbed by the test specimens.

SILRES® BS POWDER G is an additive for waterproofing gypsum-based dry-mix mortars. It is an active substance in solid form and low in volatile organic compounds. SILRES® BS POWDER G can reduce the water absorption of gypsum powder products by more than 90% applying a dosage rate of 0.5 weight percent.


  • Good water-repellency
  • Easy handling and storage