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Filler treatment

Silicones and silanes from WACKER play an important role in the modification of reinforcing fillers and pigments. These are used in the form of quartz or pigments, e.g. TiO2, in the compounding of plastics. The mineral surface of the filler or pigment is modified to optimize interaction with the target polymer with regard to the desired properties.

WACKER offers a diverse portfolio: silicone fluids and alkoxy silanes are mainly used for hydrophobicity; organofunctional silanes provide adhesion promotion.


  • Specific modification and improved hydrophobicity of fillers for use in plastics compounding
  • Optimization of the dispersibility of fillers in plastics
  • Improved adhesion of filler-treated polymers to surfaces


  • Hydrophobic treatment of pigments (e.g. titanium dioxide) and fillers
  • Surface modification of pigments and fillers with organofunctional groups
  • Prevention of agglomeration of pigments and fillers in powder form