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Agrochemical Solutions

To optimize processes and formulations in the agrochemical sector, WACKER offers a portfolio of specialty products. Specific fine chemicals enhance the production of intermediates for active-ingredient synthesis and reduce the environmental impact in the production of highly effective plant protection agents. High-efficiency antifoam agents provide effective, long-lasting foam control during the production and application of plant protection agents. In the case of fertilizers, specialty silicones facilitate conveying and warehousing, Specific silicone surfactants optimize the distribution of the protection agent on the plant.

Complexation of Pesticides

Most lipophilic active ingredients form complexes with cyclodextrins. These complexes offer improved product characteristics, such as increased water solubility, enhanced biological efficacy, controlled and delayed release of active ingredients or protection against premature degradation. Pesticide formulations can be improved by complexing with cyclodextrin.


Depending on the final use of the product, cyclodextrins are added as adjuvants to the product formulation. To a certain degree these cyclodextrins form complexes with other formulation ingredients in order to improve the product characteristics. One example is insect repellents. Here, the addition of cyclodextrins as adjuvant significantly prolongs the protection time.

Solvents for Plant-Protection Agents

WACKER methyl acetate, a low-molecular ester, possesses specific solvent properties, and is therefore especially valuable as a crystallization solvent in the manufacture of plant protection agents. Because of its low boiling point, very gentle processes are possible at normal pressure. Another advantage is the comparatively low energy needed to recover the solvent and dry the products.

Building Blocks

For the synthesis of pharmaceutical actives, agrochemicals and performance chemicals, such as catalysts and stabilizers, the industry requires intermediates. We offer selected products from the integrated production complex at the Burghausen site; these include acetylacetone, chlorinated carbonyl compounds and silanes, either for use as protective groups or for chromatographic applications.


SILFOAM® antifoam agents from WACKER permit effective, long-lasting foam control in processes for manufacturing different plant-protection agent formulations, ensuring uncomplicated production. Moreover, SILFOAM® foam control systems allow users to rapidly fill the plant protection agent into containers for application.