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Industrial Adhesives

GENIOSIL ® silane-modifed polymers allow the formulation of adhesives that combine high strength and elasticity. VINNAPAS ® solid resins prevent shrinkage during curing. DEHESIVE® PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) system is a reactive silicone adhesive that creates the desired bonding properties when pressure is applied. This silicone PSA system features varied components that enable customized solutions that meet your needs in diverse ways.

GENIOSIL ® silane-modified polymers used as a binder for industrial adhesives can achieve elastic yet strong bonds. As α-based formulations totally eliminate the need for tin as the catalyst yet can achieve properties previously only attainable with toxic solutions, formulators look increasingly to compound using this novel technology. Adhesives based on GENIOSIL ® XB have outstanding adhesive strength, even when bonding dissimilar materials. For applications where strength yet elasticity is required, the GENIOSIL ® XT range will be the product of choice. Industrial adhesives are often exposed to dynamic stress, the GENIOSIL ® XT range will give tear resist values of >30 N/mm, yet remain elastic to absorb such stress.


  • High tear resistance
  • Shore D strength values

Application Spectrum:

  • White goods
  • Metal window assembly

Acrylic-based structural adhesives score points for conferring very good adhesion on difficult substrates in addition to faster curing and flexibility. The performance of a structural adhesive is determined by the permanence of the bond between the adherends. The adhesive must shrink very little as it cures. VINNAPAS ® solid resins reduce shrinkage during curing, thereby speeding up processing and providing a reliable bond.


  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Faster processing
  • Reliable bond

Application Spectrum:

  • Acrylic-based structural adhesives

Epoxy-resin-based adhesives can be effectively rendered thixotropic by means of hydrophobic HDK®. In the bonding of rotor blade half-shells, for example, HDK® prevents the adhesive from running. In adhesive formulations, hydrophobic HDK® prevents fillers from settling, significantly increasing the storage stability of the system.

The rheological properties of acrylate systems can be effectively controlled using HDK® products. In special applications, reactive HDK® can improve mechanical properties such as scratch resistance and tensile strength.


  • Thixotropic modifier
  • Adhesive is easier to process
  • Improved sag resistance
  • Optimized storage stability
  • Mechanical properties can be improved


  • Wind-turbine bonding pastes
  • Metal and glass bonding
  • Structural adhesives
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesives

DEHESIVE® PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) system consists of five primary components: easy-AF (adhesion force) silicone PSA, tight-AF silicone PSA, crosslinker, catalyst, and adhesion promoters. These components give the flexibility of combination to meet different performance and requirements.

DEHESIVE® PSA system demonstrates reliable heat resistance, effective wetting performance, and high transparency. Therefore, it opens up new applications for the adhesive coating industry. Since silicones offer unique heat resistance, DEHESIVE® PSA is widely used in processing films applied to high-temperature processes. Moreover, with its remarkable wetting performance, DEHESIVE® PSA is ideal for the production of protective films for display devices, home appliances, and more.


  • Reliable heat resistant adhesive
  • Effective wetting performance
  • Highly transparent
  • Efficient adhesion force control
  • Rapid curing
  • Long pot life
  • Good anchorage to paper and films
  • Glossy surface on films


  • Processing films
  • Protective films

Suitable Substrates:

  • PET, PI, PE, PP films
  • Papers