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Silicones are truly multi-talented

We encounter them every day – in smartphones, cars, textiles, paints and coatings, but also in medical applications.

Strongest Divisional Sales with €2.6 Billion

Over 70 Years of Success in Silicones

The World’s Second Largest Silicone Manufacturer

2 Raw Materials

7 Product Groups

More Than 3,000 Silicone Products

16 Production Sites Worldwide

16 Technical Competence Centers

The age of silicones began at WACKER more than 70 years ago. In 1947, we became Europe’s first silicone manufacturer; today we are number 2 in the global silicones business.

WACKER SILICONES offers customers our broadest range of products. With two raw materials – silicon metal and methanol – as a basis, more than 3,000 silicone products are made in seven product groups, including silanes, siloxanes, fluids and emulsions, elastomers, resins and pyrogenic silica.

Multi-Talented Silicones for a Variety of Application Areas

Silicones have unique properties unsurpassed in their diversity by any other polymer. They withstand both heat and low temperatures. They act as sealants and insulators, but also as lubricants and release agents. They are flexible, water-repellent, elastic, UV-resistant and extremely durable. Thanks to their unique chemical and physical properties, they feature in many application areas and appear everywhere in daily life – even if we don’t usually notice them!

You can find all the information you need about these all-rounders under Products.

Our Greatest Strength?

The WACKER Service Principle

Do you need our technical expertise to develop new products or production processes? Or support for product formulation and approval, or for preparing logistics and packaging solutions?

We offer you so much more than just silicones. We are both your advisor and development partner. We respond to your needs, help you achieve your goals and place a real emphasis on innovation. This means we always have your entire production process in mind and can provide you with tailored support to optimize your business processes.

Leverage our experience for your projects.

Did you know...?

A good quarter of our silicon metal is sourced from our production site in Holla, Norway. The advantages of producing this raw material ourselves mean that we increase our supply security, making us a lot more independent.